Communicating Your Brand’s Strengths in a Single Phrase

When competing in an online market where numerous companies sell similar products, it is essential to create an emotional attachment to your brand in customers’ minds. Though there are so many companies out there that sell similar or the same products as you, distinguishing your brand is still possible. Selecting a catchy advertising phrase is an effective method to establish your brand’s unique and solid position in the crowd.

What does catchy advertising copy do?
When customers visit a website, they first take a look at the top portion of the landing page. If you display effective advertising copy there, it will spark the customers’ interest and they will continue reading the page further. Also, knowing what your brand focuses on helps you build a coherent brand image.
Analyzing your brand 
 The first step to creating a phrase is to analyze your brand’s strengths. Advertising copy should be your brand’s self-introduction that grasps customers’ attention in a second. In order to enhance the chance of your success, you need to select powerful words for your phrase and provide information that your customers are looking for.
Advertising copy should reflect the uniqueness of your brand. If it is hard to come up with, think why your repeat customers choose your brand, and why your competitors are doing well in the market. Your brand’s position in the market indicates your identity.
Analyzing your customers
 Understanding your customers is the next step to creating a slogan. When analyzing customers, you should not only take their gender and age into account, but also think about questions such as “Who are your customers?” “What products do they buy?” and “Why do they choose to buy them from you over your competitors?” You can answer these questions yourself, or you can ask them of customers. Their answers might give you a better understanding of what they’re expecting from your brand.
QPC analysis
 QPC analysis is helpful for identifying a brand’s strengths. QPC stands for Quality, Price, and Convenience, and usually your strengths come from one or two of the three categories. Those are what your brand should focus on and strive to maintain.
Here are some examples of words or phrases under each category that appeal to customers.
  • Quality – handmade, natural, additive-free
  • Producer/Seller – chef, doctor, artisan
  • Popularity – award-winning, featured in a magazine, celebrities’ favorite
  • Authenticity – made in Italy, imported from France
  • Freshness – fresh from the farm, custom-made
  • Cost to produce– at low wholesale prices, purchased locally
  • Background – outlet, straight from factories
  • Delivery – instant delivery, next day shipping
  • Variety – huge selection, the greatest variety in the city
  • Specialty – one-stop shop, 50 years of experience
After selecting words you want to use in an advertising phrase, combine them to make one compact unit. For instance, if your brand focuses on quality, you can say, “an Italian restaurant owned by a chef who is featured in Food network.” If you focus on price, a good phrase might be “the lowest price straight from the factory,” and if your focus is on convenience, you can say “wide selection, next day shipping, and reliable service.”
One advertising copy can tell your customers the most important sales points of your brand. To help customers find what they are looking for and create an opportunity to offer them your service and products, take a moment and think of a unique advertising copy of your own.

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