Why Your Business Should Join Google+

In June 2011, Google+ set sail, and a sea of people washed in with their thoughts. Many have speculated that Google+ would be the big wave to take out the social-networking giant, Facebook. With an explosive 40-million users netted at launch, many believed that savvy social networkers would jump ship for Google+, especially with the growing number of privacy issues on Facebook. However, Google+’s sign-up numbers have staggered. As a result, Google has released a new look and feel to its SERP. Now, with the integration of social networking to search (i.e. the “+1” recommendations and comments), many are asking, “Should I create a Google+ page?”

What is Google+?
Some have dubbed Google+, Google’s Facebook. Indeed, it is another social networking site where one can connect with others by adding them to “circles” and interact by sharing photos, videos, and links. However, it is more than just a social network. Aside from its unique features such as video conferencing called “hangouts,” Google+ pulls all of Google’s services together (i.e. blogging, email, videos), which allows users to do more of everything in one place.

Should I join Google+?
The answer is yes, you should join Google+. Although others are slow to adopt the new social networking site, it’s best that you claim your business page. Through search, Gmail, Google Docs, and Google+ (among the long list), Google occupies more of your time. It will be able to see more of everyone’s internet activities from the websites you visit to the blogs your circle reads, and then provide better search results.

By creating your Google+ page now, you’ll have more time to learn the new site and fill your page with great content. Eventually, many will jump on the Google+ wagon, and your page will be ready to pass along to peers. Many agree that peer recommendation is the best promotional tool. And with the integration of Google+ into the SERP, it’s important to join.

What is “+1”?

Prior to Google+, Google had launched the “+1” button. Rather than integrating the Facebook “like” to their SERP, Google created their own “favorite” button. By clicking the “+1” button, you are essentially voting in favor of a link or page. As more users begin to “+1” content, more will look to these as recommendations. Especially now with Google+, where someone in your “circle” appears next to the “+1” on the SERP, links will stand out and thus improve click-through rates.
Google+ for Your Business

  1. Set up a general business Gmail account
    • Create one which is accessible to everyone in your business.
  2. Create a Google+ page by visiting http://plus.google.com/pages/create.
    • Follow the onscreen wizard to choose the best classification for your business (i.e. local business or place).
    • Fill in your basic business information such as your business page name, business website URL, etc.
  3. Customize your business page
    • Add an image of your business’ logo
    • Include a tagline
    • Fill in your photostrip (which will display under your tagline) with 5 photos
Once your have your Google+ page set up, start creating different “circles” to segment groups. Later, it will become very helpful in targeting your messages.It looks like Google has a lot in store. Whether Google+ and “+1” recommendations will affect search results, it’s too early to say. But with all the Google changes, it’s very likely to happen. Until then, creating a Google+ page will help keep your business at the head of the pack.


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