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8 Ways To Stop iOS7 From Eating Your Battery Life

Marketing Puget Sound iOS7 Apple
Jan Persiel

Last month Apple released their highly anticipated iOS7 software update to the public. This update has been considered the most drastic for Apple ever since their origination as a company because they completely redesigned how the interface looks. On top of this, Apple added a ton of new functionality features. While many people dislike the new change, many embrace it. Regardless if you love the change or hate the change there is one true fact about the update – it kills the battery on your iPhone or iPad very quickly. If you have realized that your iPhone or iPad has been dying (or nearly dying) halfway through the work day or before you can get to a charger here are eight things that you can do to increase the battery life on your device and not have to worry about it dying on you.

1. Disable Parallax 

A new feature within iOS7 is Apple’s attempt at making some of the graphics and transitions seem 3-D-like. Some people have complained about this feature causing them to feel dizzy. Although we haven’t felt anything like that here at MPS we do know that it takes a lot of battery life from your device. The good news? It’s easy to turn off. Simply go to your devices Settings >  General > Accessibility > Reduce Motion > And turn it on.

2. Disable Background App Refresh

Another feature that Apple added within iOS7 is the ability to have your device constantly refresh an application’s content while it’s in the background of your phone. Yes, that means that even though you aren’t using the app at the moment it very well could be using data and refreshing itself. To turn this battery-drainer off head to you Settings > General > Background App Refresh > OFF 

Of course you can leave it on and select certain applications to have it enabled and certain ones to have it disabled, but if you want the most out of your battery turning it off completely will ensure longer battery life.

3. Limiting Location Tracking

As many people know, Apple is constantly tracking your device and letting others know where you are. Okay, this might sound worse than it actually is – but it’s a battery drainer. Why? Well, when this option is turned on for every application that you have what your device will be doing is constantly fishing for where you are in the world (and telling it to your applications). To turn this off head into your Settings > Privacy > Location Service > OFF

Some people like to have certain apps know their location, and you can do so by keeping the location services option on and turning off each individual application that you don’t using location services off.

4. Disabling AirDrop

iOS7 has an option for using “Air Drop” which is a setting that allows other iPhone users to find your phone and share files with you and visa-versa. The problem is that you don’t always need this option to be on and using your battery life. So, make sure that you turn this off when you don’t need it. How? Simply swipe up on your device from anywhere to access the Control Center and click on “AirDrop” and make sure it’s set to off.

5. Turn off Bluetooth

Although this isn’t a new feature to iOS7 (it’s pretty old, actually) it’s still worth mentioning. Much like AirDrop, if you aren’t using your Bluetooth (to connect to a device, headphones or in your car) there is no point for it to be on and using your battery life. To turn this off, swipe up on any page to access the Control Center and hit the Bluetooth logo and make sure it isn’t illuminated.

6. Manually Adjust the Brightness 

Once again, this isn’t a new feature to iOS7 but it can definitely improve your battery life. iPhones and iPads have an option to adjust the brightness of the screen according to the setting you’re in (e.g.. if you’re outside the device will adjust to be brighter than usual). However, you can easily control this feature from the Control Center at any time. To turn off auto-brightness head into your Settings > Wallpaper & Brightness > Auto Brightness OFF 

You can access and adjust the brightness levels of your device by swiping up to the control panel.

7. Spotlight

Spotlight (Apple’s internal search function) can now be accessed from any screen (much like the Control Center). Since the menu is constantly being updated this can be a battery drainer. A simple fix for this is to go to Settings > General > Spotlight Search and disable any applications that you don’t really think you’re ever going to search for (I disabled Music, Podcasts, Videos and Audiobooks because I have an iPod for that so I don’t ever need to search for these things in my iPhone).

8. Automatic Application Updates

With the release of iOS7 came the option to have your applications be updated automatically (as soon as the update is available) rather than having to manually go into App Store and update them from there. This seems handy, but if you’re device barely has any battery life left and all of a sudden Facebook releases an update to their application, your device will automatically start downloading the update and that might be the reason for your phone dying. To disable this option go to Settings > iTunes & App Store > Updates and turn it off.

We hope this will help your Apple device live longer throughout the day!