Rachel O'Donnell

M Agency Creative Producer Rachel O’Donnell: What is my M?

What is my M? My M is ENGINEERING WIT. I have always been a little goofy and have used that to spark my creativity. I think with what’s happening in the world right now, we can sometimes be too serious and don’t take a step back to enjoy the moments. Sometimes the cleverest statement can be… Read more »

M Agency's Angela Nguyen typing on computer

M Agency’s Three-Step Process: Relevant Research | Part One

Here at M Agency, we often get the question: What is your process? How do we intentionally start our projects for the desired outcome? To simply put: emotions drive purchasing decisions. Research shows that consumers base a majority of their decisions off of how the brand makes them feel. By connecting your audience to the… Read more »

Headshot of Ambra Washington

M Agency Account Manager Ambra Washington: What is my M?

What is my M? My M is … INFLUENCING! Knowing how to effectively influence others is a powerful tool in our society. In the wrong hands, it can negatively shape the world. As M Agency’s Account Manager, I’m committed to being an authentic and honest influencer—by truly understanding the needs of our clients and engaging… Read more »

Valentines Day heart with candy hearts

M Agency loves you, so we made you Valentines

Happy Valentines Day!!! We wanted to help you celebrate in style, so our design team whipped up some fun/funny Valentine templates for you to use. Just download and print these on any color of paper for the special person in your life! We hope your Valentine’s Day (and quite honestly, your whole world) is full… Read more »

Introducing M Agency’s New Downtown Tacoma Office

M Agency is officially in our new office space at 1130 Broadway in Downtown Tacoma. Our team at M is incredibly excited to see the vision we had for our space come to life. We are ready to welcome in a new chapter and share the experience with you. Exploring the Tacoma Community Major construction… Read more »

Graphic designer making logo art

The Logo Design Process at M Agency

Here at M Agency, our work spans from pixel-perfect responsive websites to building brands from the ground up. However, once in awhile, a client comes to us with a logo that has been previously designed, on online logo design sites like Logojoy. When this happens, it actually provides a solid jumping off point that allows… Read more »

Bobbie Bailey, M Agency Founder & President

What is Emotional Intelligence? – The Impact of EQ on Marketing

So, what exactly is emotional intelligence? Emotional intelligence is the science of perception and awareness of emotions. M Agency’s Founder & President Bobbie Bailey introduces her new video series on emotional intelligence (EQ/EI) and why it should matter for both marketing professionals and business owners. Click on the video below or watch here.

M Agency CEO/President Bobbie Bailey

M Agency President Bobbie Bailey: What is my M?

What is my M? My M is … CREATING MAGNETISM. In science, magnetism refers to the physical phenomena between magnetic fields and matter. However, in my world, magnetism is how I connect with my tribe—people who wholeheartedly live and breathe authentic marketing. Whether it’s with clients, employees or new acquaintances, magnetism is the way I… Read more »

Cakes and dessert treats from Celebrity Cake Studio

M Agency Client Shout-Out: Celebrity Cake Studio

Our team at M Agency would like to give a special shout-out to our amazing clients, Odette D’Aniello and Mary Ann Quitugua, the business women behind Celebrity Gourmet Ventures, Inc., d.b.a. the award-winning Celebrity Cake Studio. In July 2016, Celebrity Gourmet Ventures acquired Wax Orchards, originally based in Vashon Island, specializing in fruit-sweetened fudge sauce with… Read more »

M Agency videographer Nate Richholt

M Agency Videographer Nate Richholt: What is my M?

What is my M? My M is SHARING EXPERIENCE. I have always believed the best way to better understand the people and community I interact with everyday is to learn from the varying perspectives. Through videography and photography, I’m able to engage with the world around me and share stories that could have a positive… Read more »