How Predictive Analytics Can Make Money for Social Networks

Dr. Rado Kotorov is chief innovation officer at Information Builders, and is responsible for emerging reporting, analytic and visualization technologies. He has developed analytic models and applications for the pharmaceutical, retail, CPG, financial and automotive industries. Youve likely been experiencing a deluge of online information coming at you in recent years an overwhelming number of… Read more »

E-Mail Marketing

  Every real estate agent knows the value curb appeal brings to showing and selling a home. That first impression the buyer gets when he/she steps out of the car and looks at the property you want to sell often determines whether the buyer wants to proceed and how seriously he/she will take the rest… Read more »

Facebook, Yelp Follow FourSquare, Launch Deals

Last week both Facebook and Yelp announced theyd soon be offering deals to customers who check in at a particular location. Good idea, right? FourSquare sure thought so when they launched it months ago. On the Yelp blog, Luther Lowe didnt give specifics but hinted that the review site would soon offer Yelp Check-In Offers… Read more »

Market Your Business with Groupon

By Prasad Thammineni By now you may have heard of the popular online coupon marketplace known as Groupon. With Groupon, businesses can offer steeply discounted services or products to be showcased for Groupons vast following. A certain number of users must sign up in order for the offer to take effect, which spurs users to… Read more »

Build your Business’s Web Credibility

20 Tips Your Small Business Can Use To Build Web Credibility By Prasad Thammineni A web site is a must have for any small business in todays digital age but to stand out among the crowd you need to build credibility. That is, you need to come across as a company that can be trusted… Read more »

LinkedIn to Add Recommendation Service

LinkedIn to Add Recommendation Service By GEOFFREY A. FOWLER LinkedIn Corp. plans to launch a new recommendations service, which will allow the social network’s more than 80 million members to post reviews of products and services linked to their professional profiles. Participation in the program is free and voluntary for companies, which would need to… Read more »

Market your business when times are tough.

Should I Charge Less or Advertise More? By JAY GOLTZ Many businesses these days are trying to figure out how to increase sales. Money is tight, and customers are holding on to their dollars more than ever. I just had an interesting meeting with my managers as we plan for next year. We were discussing… Read more »

Testing a Bar Code Technology for 2-D Smartphones

SHARON BOLTON spotted those funky tags known formally as two-dimensional bar codes when she took her college-age daughter to catch a train at the Rensselaer rail station in Albany last week. I looked up and saw these little black-and-white boxes on the lime green wall, said Ms. Bolton, a graphic artist from Saratoga Springs, N.Y.,… Read more »

Marketing Your Business Online

American Express (ARA) – There was a time when the phrase “Internet marketing” meant nothing more than having a website and changing it periodically. You either hired someone to do it for you, or produced it in-house, but either way it was pretty straightforward. Fast forward to 2010, and Internet marketing can be downright mystifying… Read more »

Grocery Chains Increase Ad Spending Amid Price War

By Paul Ziobro Supermarket chainsno longer the only place to buy the week’s groceriesare pumping more money into advertising to fend off competition from mass discounters, drug stores and even dollar stores. The ad splashes are cutting into profit margins at a time when sales remain weak across the industry. Chains including Safeway Inc. and… Read more »