M Agency Design + Dev Director Leah Kaufmann: What is my M?

What is my M? My M is…MOVING IDEAS FORWARD. As the Design + Dev Director at M Agency, my M is the combination of words which describe how I am in the world and how I bring myself to projects for M clients. In both my professional and personal life, those closest to me may… Read more »

Kate Drury of M Agency

M Agency Marketing Associate Kate Drury: What is my M?

What is my M? My M is…BRINGING JOY! Proudly born and raised in Tacoma, I’m the marketing associate at M Agency who loves to clean, organize, and help to make sure the office is running efficiently. I’m a team player, who prides herself on always being on time and getting the job accomplished right. This… Read more »

M Agency Vice President Chris Bailey: What is my M?

What is my M? My M is…SPEARHEADING PROGRESS. As the Vice President of M Agency, my role is ever evolving so it is fitting my M can mean many things. Through our seven years in business, the greatest lesson I’ve learned, as a business owner is not to get overwhelmed, take goals that seem insurmountable, break… Read more »

M Agency Photography Director Lisa Hepfer: What is my M?

What is my M? My M is…FINDING THE LIGHT. As the Photography Director for M Agency, my work is all about using light as a tool to bring forth the story of my subject in that present moment. Let’s break down the meaning of the word photography. Photo means light and graph means to write, so essentially… Read more »

M Agency Project Manager Kim Hudson: What is my M?

What’s my M? That’s a great question! Without realizing it, I have been pondering it my entire adult life, probably ever since I was first asked, “Who are you? What do you do?” Over the past few years, specifically the past 3 months since joining M Agency, my unconscious pondering has become conscious and for… Read more »

M Agency’s Guide to Instagram: Expert Tips to Using Instagram for Business

Digital trends and social media have revolutionized the way businesses communicate with consumers. But with the ever growing list of platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat, you may find yourself confused about how to best represent your business online. Contrary to popular belief, businesses do not need to have a presence on every social platform…. Read more »

M Agency Takes Home Marketing NW Award

  M Agency was recently honored at Marketing NW’s annual award show, which recognizes the best work in marketing coming from Pacific Northwest. Our team won first place honors, also known as the “Big M Award” in the Collateral category for our work on Galvin Flying‘s “Come Fly With Us” campaign. A big thank you to our clients,… Read more »

Behind the Scenes of M Agency’s Spring Photoshoot

It was Picture Day at M Agency last Wednesday. 8 AM struck and our ladies rolled in with makeup free faces and wet hair, ready to get dolled up for the big shoot. Colorful necklaces displayed on desktops and clothing racks with wardrobe changes cluttered the corners of the office. In the CEO office, hair… Read more »

South Sound 100 Women

South Sound 100 Women Gather to Give Back

All seats may not have been filled but the room sure overflowed with positive energy at South Sound 100 Women last night. The fundraising movement, now in its second year, continues to unite women from across the South Puget Sound every three months in an effort to collaborate on a monetary gift awarded to a… Read more »