2016: The New Age of Search Engine Optimization

It’s clear to anyone outside of a cave that the world changes faster than ever these days—and for better or worse, these changes include search engines. As search giants like Google have countless staff members dedicated towards adapting to our changing world all the time by growing and evolving in service of its customers, small… Read more »

M Agency’s New Working Mom

Aching back, a swollen mug shot and fingers, fatigue, and the unwavering anticipation of when and where… pretty much sums up the last few weeks of what felt like a very long pregnancy. The past 9 months had been spent scrambling, shuffling, preparing for the big arrival of my little one – not just at… Read more »

Why Mobile Mentality Matters for your Website: Keeping Face in a Mobile World

We live in a cell phone era, ever connected and constantly evolving. This mentality allows access to unlimited information at the click of a button. But that has major implications for those supplying the information. It’s a competitive platform and it’s all too easy to swipe right these days. The window of time to captivate… Read more »

Lisa Hepfer Photographer

Northwest Creatives Unite: Made To Create!

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of working with M Agency’s uber talented photographer Lisa Hepfer, you’ll surely agree that she is our emblem of positive energy and light. Her instinct behind the lens is one to be revered. The opportunity to immerse yourself in her wisdom is upon us! Made to Create and Camp… Read more »

Women's Day

Women Who Inspire Us

Women are amazing!! Across the globe we continue to overcome obstacles and limitations to transform hearts and minds, homes and workplaces, communities and countries! These ladies are unstoppable, exceptional beings. Take a moment today, International Women’s Day, and reflect on your female heroes. Those who have come and gone before us, those who continue to… Read more »

create a personal brand

How to Create a Kick-Ass Personal Brand in 2016

What is a personal brand, and why is it important? Your personal brand is the combination of everything representing you – online and off. It’s important that your personal brand authentically represents you: who you are, what you do, and your M: your purpose, your passion, what drives you to do what you do. Building… Read more »

Still Rockin’ a Profile Picture From 2007? Why YOU Need A Professional Portrait!

Does your profile picture represent you? Whether you are an executive director, entrepreneur, or barista it is essential to have an current image of yourself for your online presence. Having a professional portrait shows the world that you care about yourself and your business. Consider these two options for a new portrait: 1) Step out of the… Read more »