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M Agency Writer Kayla Schroader: What is my M?

What is my M? My M is…INSPIRING THROUGH STORYTELLING. As a writer at M Agency, my M is the driving force that helps me create great work for our clients, alongside my team. Discovering your M is a matter of finding your passion. It’s that relentless passion that makes work feel less like work and more of an exciting, ongoing endeavor in the pursuit of happiness, deeper meaning and fulfillment.

Kayla Schroader
What does Inspiring Through Storytelling mean to me?
Inspiring Through Storytelling implies that there is a story worth sharing! Those experiences that have sculpted us and resonated in us deserve to be told. Through writing, we can learn so much from each other, not to mention establish positive connections and an elevated understanding of the world around us.

Writing for business owners and brands is both a privilege and a challenge. The process requires identifying and representing factors like voice, tone, language, and purpose unique to that client. From every website we create to each social media post we write, every project is a collaboration. If ever my writing comes off too feminine or flowery (which it has a tendency to be), I feel assured knowing that contribution from a fellow staff member will perfectly balance the article and align it with the client’s M.

What inspired me to become a writer?
I was just a kid when the writer’s itch hit me. While all my classmates wanted to be movie stars, athletes or firefighters, I announced my aspirations of being an author. Little did I know about the tricky field I was pursuing at the time or how that would fit into my big picture as a grown adult. Things have certainly changed a bit but I’m holding tight to that dream and my trusty pen.

As a Tacoma writer, where do I find inspiration in my city? 
I feel inspired in so many pockets of this city – a city I’ve loved since my first breathe. I can feel enlightened on the waterfront between the magnitude of Mount Rainier and the branching Puget Sound. I can brainstorm while running across a busy Narrows Bridge. On the Chambers Bay trail, I collect my thoughts before organizing a story in text. I love the rush of productivity when I work from my favorite coffee shops like Metronome. At the end of the day, it’s the face-to-face interaction that really gets me excited about my work – smiling at my barista Jasmine, popping in to say hi to my friends at Indochine or catching up with the team at the M office. These are my people and I love being able to give back to that community through my work.

There is a phenomenon that occurs here, with glimpses of glorified sunshine, refreshing Northwest rains and panoramic views. Seattle may have its own perks but the individual stories too often get drowned out by all the noise, lights, traffic, and bustle. Tacoma is a true diamond in the rough – a little smaller and scrappier, but enriched with a tangible sense of community. That is absolutely invaluable. Gritty and glorious but approachable and genuine. You can belong here. I feel like I do and my passion for my place spills over into my work with M Agency. It’s why I invest so much of my efforts into projects like, in the hopes of recognizing and paying tribute to what a wonderful place we get to live in.