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Three Maxims of Good Logo Design

What makes a good logo? Well, the answer will depend on who you ask. If you ask ten different people, I bet you will get ten different opinions on what makes one logo better than another. This subjectivity is both the beauty and the challenge of design-truly ‘good’ design transcends style trends as well as personal preferences. Constantly striving towards this ideal is one of the main things that keeps me inspired in my work each day.

So, how does one go about developing a logo that surpasses subjectivity? I have developed three central maxims that have become my logo-design mantra: Memorable, Meaningful, and Unmistakable.


Nike logo

A great logo makes a strong impression. It is simple enough to be remembered easily, and unique enough to be recognized across different applications and environments. This memorable quality can be achieved many ways: perhaps the shape of the mark is striking and unexpected, or the positive and negative space interact in a clever way. The Nike logo is a classic example of a logo that has become iconic because its shape evokes the brand simply and powerfully.

WWF logo

A logo should be much more than just a graphic element – it should have purposeful value. Many successful marks represent a distinguishing characteristic of the business. The World Wildlife Fund logo is a famous example of a mark that explains the indispensable quality of the organization with an important, iconic visual.

McDonalds logo

A good logo is carefully crafted so that it is effective across all mediums. It should be strong and distinct at all times, from all angles. It should scale well so that it is consistent across the entire brand- print, web, mobile, packaging, signage, fleet, etc. The McDonalds arches do an excellent job of identifying the restaurant chain around the world. The golden arches are unequivocal from any distance or application.

How does your logo stack up? If you find that it’s lacking in any of the three maxims, contact us today for a complimentary consultation!