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M Agency Videographer Nate Richholt: What is my M?

What is my M? My M is SHARING EXPERIENCE. I have always believed the best way to better understand the people and community I interact with everyday is to learn from the varying perspectives. Through videography and photography, I’m able to engage with the world around me and share stories that could have a positive impact on others and myself included.

Videographer Nate Richholt taking a photo

Explain your role at M as a videographer?
Being a video content creator at M Agency, I cover a wide range of production responsibilities. Projects start with preproduction tasks that begin with comprehensive research to get to know the client and their business goals. Next, my role involves coordinating shoot dates, actors, props, etc. with the M team. A video is not done after the filming of the video content—the post-production stage involves editing together clips into a story and setting the mood through color and sound to create a fully impactful, cohesive visual piece.

Video is a very collaborative form of content creation, which requires a close partnership with the writers and photographers. In this regard, I love having the support of the M Agency team to help bring my vision to life.

Explain your background – how did you get into videography?
From a very young age, playing with cameras intrigued me, especially tape-based video cameras. Video cameras offered a way to “cut” together a story that was readily watchable. When I was in high school at the Tacoma School of the Arts, I focused my time on photojournalism and learning how to visually tell stories. However, I always preferred getting to make a videos when there was extra time and resources.

During college, I began helping film and produce mini documentaries, infomercial clip, and the occasional low-budget music video for a local artist. Eventually, I settled into a communications major, while continuing to practice videography techniques in my endeavors outside of school.

How does your M inspire your life outside of work? 
When I am not at M Agency, I enjoy spending time outdoors hiking, climbing, and just overall exploring the beauty of the Pacific Northwest. Wherever I go, I always tend to carry a camera around with me. Getting outside and being active gives me opportunities to capture connections and experiences that I can share with others or reflect on later.

Why is it important for businesses to use videography? 
For small to large businesses, having a variety of web content is important to keeping up with the ever changing norms of communicating with an audience, customer or client. Online video hosting and sharing websites are incredibly powerful, while remaining very accessible for both businesses and audiences. In fact, YouTube is one of the largest search engine on the World Wide Web, second to Google.

Video content does not have to fall into the commercial realm. Video can be a great tool for trainings, demonstrations, announcements, and offers the added benefit of providing inspirational motion, more personal connections, and ability to convey body language and deeper forms of communication. To put it simply: your business needs to be using videography in 2017.