Social Media: A Business’s Five New Best Friends

Having a marketing plan and goal for social media is crucial for any company, professional artist or entrepreneur if they want to generate business around themselves or their product. But it’s no good if you’re trying to get everyone to check out your brand new Myspace, or if you’re trying to dump big loads of info onto Twitter. If you want to do well, you have to use the right sites in the right way. You need to get to know these sites; they need to be your blog’s, and your business’s, best friends.

Twitter is your chatty, social friend. If you want everyone to know something, tell it to Twitter and word will spread like wildfire. The character limit is 144 though, so keep it brief, breezy and to the point. Local businesses use Twitter to keep people updated on deals, offers, events, and keep up a rapport with customers. Celebrities and authors, such asNeil Gaiman, use Twitter to talk to their fans and keep them updated about everyday goings-ons in their lives.

YouTube is your funny, energetic friend. YouTube is a treasure trove of funny and informative videos, and a goldmine for marketing and advertisement. With most people skipping past TV ads these days, online ads are the best new way of getting your business known. The big dream of every Youtuber is for a video to go viral, which general a buzz like none other and really gets everyone talking. Keep your videos brief, about 5 or 3 minutes long, and be creative, funny and memorable. Youtubers such as John Green use their fame in the blogging world to sell and market their novels, making a solid fan base before their books even hit the shelves.

LinkedIn is your no-nonsense friend in the suit and tie. He knows that guy with the job you want, so you best behave around him. LinkedIn is a social networking site for business people, and provides a good way to market yourself to potential employers and get to know others in the business. Keep your profile professional and fresh, avoiding commonly used buzzwords, such as “innovative” and “creative”, to make sure your profile sticks out from the thousands of others.

Facebook isn’t just your friend, he’s your buddy. He’s companionable and friendly, can tell you a lot more than Twitter can, and gets everyone together. On Facebook, even professional profiles still need to be amiable and laid-back. Facebook is great for getting people involved, so put up events and send out invites. Facebook will get people excited to be part of whatever you’re putting together, and help you see who your loyal customers or supporters are. It’s also a great way to build readership to your main blog.

Tumblr is your socially aware, artsy friend. You never feel that comfortable eating a hamburger around Tumblr, but she’s great for getting the word out and for anything visual. In fact even Obama has got caught up in the Tumblr craze.  With Tumblr, use a lot of visuals to capture your readership’s attention and take care with what you post – once it’s been reblogged you can’t just delete it! The users tend to be young and left-leaning, so make sure your product or business is right for the demographic. If it is though, Tumblr can be a powerful tool in your belt, especially if you want to get funding through websites such as Kick starter.


Author Bio:
Charlotte Frances is Team Blogger for MPS plus a psychology student as well as a freelance writer and blogger. She is passionate about creative writing, psychology, marine life, as well as film and video games. She is here writing on behalf of Dimasoft, providers of a range of digital services from SEO to website design in the north east.


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