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Senior Designer Todd Mason: What Is Your M?

What is your M?

My M is SPARKING FRUITION. As the senior designer at M Agency, I use my M to take a client’s vision from the abstract, and mold it into something tangible, that perfectly reflect the original vision.

Explain your background. How did you get into marketing? What initially inspired you to become a designer?

For as long as I can remember, I wanted to be an artist.

My mom is a self-taught painter and artist, so growing up I developed the urge to follow in her footsteps. Throughout my childhood and adolescence, I focused mainly on illustration, painting and photography. Photography quickly became my passion and inspired me to enroll at Ohio State University for a Bachelors of Fine Arts with a focus on Photography. Toward the tail end of my degree, photography shifted from analog to digital format and programs. Around this time I started focusing on the graphic design and loved that it was a perfect mixture of my fine arts background and the future of photography and design.

After completing my degree, I started as a graphic designer with Whole Foods Market and became inspired by their brand and culture. After spending many years as a designer and mastering the brand, it made me more interested in how design communicates to an audience and the experience as a whole.

How do you balance being a busy professional?

Good question! Being a creative professional is a busy job in addition to being a husband and dad.

Although, I enjoy the structure that it provides and makes me look forward to using my time outside of work. Having a balance between personal, family and work time is extremely important to me.

How does your M inspire your life outside of work? Your outside hobbies and interests?

I use my M in art, photography and design work I do outside of M Agency. It’s important to me that I bring the same level of enthusiasm and skill to all of my work, regardless of who the client is.

I’m also a husband, dad, dog dad, foodie and craft beer enthusiast. I love to travel around the Pacific Northwest and beyond with my family and dog, eating and drinking all the delicious things.

What are you most excited for in 2020?

I’ve recently started doing more UI/UX and web design and love the results. In 2020 I hope to continue my growth in that discipline and hope to spark fruition for more clients’ sites in the future! I’m also looking forward to trying drone photography and videography in the new year.