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Values align as M Agency partners with the Institute for Global Engagement at UW Tacoma

UWGE-buildingIt’s already been an eventful 2016 here at M Agency. Not only did we revamp our own brand, with a new name and full make-over to exude a truer sense of our purpose, we also had the valuable opportunity to dive into a like-minded collaboration with a growing treasure in the South Sound – The Institute for Global Engagement at the University of Washington Tacoma. Both their and our hunger for an outstanding outcome meant it didn’t take long for the pieces to be strategically developed and a genuinely powerful result to emerge. The experience resonated as a reminder of our own agency’s “why” – the desire to shape and share our client’s stories and successes with the world.

We went straight to understanding the Institute for Global Engagement’s “why”.

“Creating the conditions for excellence by connecting the students to real-world models of success, is our mission. Collaborations worldwide and deep engagement with the bold thinkers and architects of our own global city are critical as we, together, prepare the most innovative, informed, and ethical workforce for our community.”

— Divya McMillin, Director of the Institute for Global Engagement and the Global Honors Program

UWGE-postcardThe project centered around the groundbreaking Global Honors Program, designed to develop global citizens and leaders. Those who found a calling toward international awareness and assertiveness; those who wanted to make a positive impact in not only their own neighborhoods but also on a broader spectrum; those who recognized the value in our small town and felt empowered to rise to a challenge; those who would see the reward in gaining understanding and experience and utilize it as a groundbreaking resource; those people heard their “why” broadcast when UW Tacoma launched the brand video M Agency had produced on their behalf. The video now holds center stage on the homepage of the website, welcoming interested community members and students alike to learn more about the program.

The Bamford Foundation, a proud partner of UW Tacoma’s Institute for Global Engagement and Global Honors, lent insight into the importance of this program.

“We value access to excellence in education for all students, and because we believe the IGE is developing leaders who engage and act in our local and global communities through opportunities for collaborative student/faculty research, experiential learning and global service. From our international business experience, we understand and value the importance of exploring Tacoma’s relationship and place in the global community, and Global Honors offers this opportunity to students.”

— Holly Bamford Hunt, on behalf of the Bamford Foundation

UWGE-photo3The energy of the passionate students pushing for development and the sharing of information, without borders — resonated with the team at M Agency. It moved our staff with inspiration towards an already natural flow of energy and consciousness. The same way it will continue to move those new students now searching the syllabus with dreams of impact and drive to ultimately build up this little corner of our world and far beyond. It is with that vigor and dedication that M Agency continues on to what will surely be a groundbreaking year by supporting and engaging community goals and ideas, refining entrepreneurial concepts, and encouraging community mindfulness and growth. We look forward to sharing the journey with you.

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