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What is my M? My M is…FINDING THE LIGHT. As the Photography Director for M Agency, my work is all about using light as a tool to bring forth the story of my subject in that present moment. Let’s break down the meaning of the word photography. Photo means light and graph means to write, so essentially photography means writing with light. Photography is essentially a visual language. How cool is that?  

M Agency Photography Director Lisa Hepfer

Through photography, we can preserve time – a child’s first steps, a bustling Tacoma Farmers Market, or a couple sitting quietly at a park bench, enjoying each other’s company. It’s all about light. I go about my day noticing how light interacts with the world around me, how it changes as the sun rises and sets or is filtered through a window.  

What does Finding the Light mean to me? 
Finding the Light means two things. First, it means using my experience and knowledge about lighting for photos. As a photographer, I must look for the light coming through the window or see how the sun is reflected in someone’s eyes to create the best picture possible. Secondly, it means learning what makes each business special. I want to highlight what is the best about the person or business and translate that into a great photograph.

Why is having professional photography important for a business?  
It’s interesting to think about how much has changed over the years in how businesses get their information out to customers or clients. When I was younger, we had to look everything up in the phone book and usually there was only a name and number, maybe an illustration or photo. Nowadays, businesses share their information on a variety of platforms such as websites and social media, which are enhanced tremendously by having professional photography.

One of my all-time favorite photo shoots for M Agency was for Galvin Flying. I got to take photos of a student during one of her flying lessons. I wasn’t nervous to fly in a little airplane but I was nervous that I was going to get motion sickness and throw up, but thankfully I didn’t! The views were amazing. We flew towards Mt. Rainier then over Seattle’s neighboring islands. As the sun was setting, all the city lights in downtown turned on. It was pretty magical.

Another favorite photo shoot is meeting the family behind Blair & Son Floor Company. I immediately connected with them and taking their business portraits felt more like family photos. Each family member had their own style, which was really fun to photograph. Grandpa Jim Blair was sporting a cowboy hat and an impressive mustache. The owner and son Johnny Blair had an equally impressive beard and was representing the Pacific Northwest by wearing plaid. Then of course, the grandson was adorable with his blonde hair and sweet smile.

Meeting and working with business owners is the best part of my job. You get to hear stories about the history of their business as well as what makes each business unique. Getting to know them helps me capture images that are both meaningful and impactful. I look forward to meeting with you and helping you and your business find the light.

It was Picture Day at M Agency last Wednesday. 8 AM struck and our ladies rolled in with makeup free faces and wet hair, ready to get dolled up for the big shoot. Colorful necklaces displayed on desktops and clothing racks with wardrobe changes cluttered the corners of the office. In the CEO office, hair and make-up artists Sydney Ramey and Pearl Pullman from Tacoma’s Dolce Salon were busy primping our female staff, as M’s resident photographer Lisa Hepfer prepared for the photoshoot.

As any photographer or veteran model knows, full makeup will soften in photos and appear natural rather than distracting as long as the colors compliment the skin tones. Makeup artist Pearl had a variety of makeup brands in her arsenal, including one of our own clients: Redmond-based organic, gluten-free, cruelty-free, vegan makeup company Gabriel Cosmetics. (If you haven’t heard of them, you really should check them out)

M Agency preparing for our spring photoshoot with Redmond's Gabriel Cosmetics
Part 1 of our photoshoot was a simple concept to start: a clean white backdrop featuring each individual in neutral-toned clothing brought to life with a dash of bright color and dramatic poses. The final product, which will later be added by our design guru Trenton Gibson, will unveil the true intent of this business geared photoshoot.

Photographer Lisa Hepfer for Tacoma's M Agency spring photshoot
As a marketing firm, we pride ourselves on envisioning the possibilities! The outcome of this photoshoot will bring that concept to life: each of us were captured against a blank backdrop to be edited with colorful illustrations depicting our personal mottos – our M’s! This addition will not only give the images depth and character, but also showcase our individual purpose within the team as a whole. We felt the colors and whimsical-feel scream SPRING!

For Part 2 of our photoshoot, the M team piled into a few cars and set out for an iconic yet hidden Tacoma location. Any guesses where we went? Here’s a preview!

Tacoma's M Agency posing for spring photoshoot

Keep an eye on our website and social media to see the final photos from our spring photoshoot!

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of working with M Agency’s uber talented photographer Lisa Hepfer, you’ll surely agree that she is our emblem of positive energy and light. Her instinct behind the lens is one to be revered.

Lisa Hepfer Photographer

The opportunity to immerse yourself in her wisdom is upon us! Made to Create and Camp Seymor are hosting a Gig Harbor based retreat this month. Lisa is among several trend-setting photogs presenting on all facets of photography including a Lisa’s breakout on commercial photography.

Don’t miss the message. Registration is open but space is limited.

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