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M Agency Photography Director Lisa Hepfer: What is my M?

What is my M? My M is…FINDING THE LIGHT. As the Photography Director for M Agency, my work is all about using light as a tool to bring forth the story of my subject in that present moment. Let’s break down the meaning of the word photography. Photo means light and graph means to write, so essentially… Read more »

Behind the Scenes of M Agency’s Spring Photoshoot

It was Picture Day at M Agency last Wednesday. 8 AM struck and our ladies rolled in with makeup free faces and wet hair, ready to get dolled up for the big shoot. Colorful necklaces displayed on desktops and clothing racks with wardrobe changes cluttered the corners of the office. In the CEO office, hair… Read more »

Lisa Hepfer Photographer

Northwest Creatives Unite: Made To Create!

If you’ve ever had the pleasure of working with M Agency’s uber talented photographer Lisa Hepfer, you’ll surely agree that she is our emblem of positive energy and light. Her instinct behind the lens is one to be revered. The opportunity to immerse yourself in her wisdom is upon us! Made to Create and Camp… Read more »