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Our Portfolio: A living snapshot of our best work

While we love talking about the process and inspiration behind our creativity, we understand that clients want to see finished products. Our portfolio highlights our best work from the past few years to give you insight into the possibilities we can create together!

Mark D. Nelson

The Law Office of Mark D. Nelson is a family and business law firm located in Gig Harbor, Wash. They needed a brand that reflected their professionalism and expertise, and a website that demonstrated their passion for getting favorable results for their clients. We learned as much as we could, from his unparalleled ability to work through complex family and business law cases to his signature bow tie. From there, we built a brand infused with professionalism, care and wisdom.


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Bokashi Cycle

Bokashi Cycle came to us in need of a beautiful and engaging new brand that simplified the fermentation process into a set of visual illustrations that consumers can easily understand. Our team developed a beautiful new visual and brand language that explained to layman without dumbing down the science and benefits.

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PABCO Roofing

PABCO Roofing is the number one roofing manufacturer in Tacoma, WA. Their marketing and HR teams needed support with campaign marketing on the digital platform. Our team strategically delivered assets that told the story of PABCO. Through full-service marketing efforts, M Agency brought forward brand recognition for both internal and external audiences.

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Emmanuel Lutheran Church

Emmanuel Lutheran Church needed a new website and a brand that told their beautiful story of service and hope. We began with a deep understanding of everything ELC does for its congregation and community, then created a cohesive brand that featured sub brands for each of the church’s many offerings. Next, we built a website that included platforms for podcasts and video sermons, which proved to be very useful during COVID-19.

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Charles Wright Academy

Charles Wright Academy needed a brand identity for its annual Spirit Auction. The theme was Havana Nights, so our team created a beautiful event brand that flowed seamlessly through print and digital assets, embodying the bright colors and spirited music of Cuba.

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