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How to Launch a New Brand Successfully on the First Try

If you’re reading this, you’re likely a hard-working business owner. Maybe you’ve struggled several times to launch a brand and you’re looking for some new, actionable advice. Or maybe you’re brand new to branding. Either...
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How a Clearer Message Is the Best Way to Reach More Customers

You’re scrolling through social media and you see an ad. The image catches your eye right off the bat: A weathered leather-bound journal sits open, a pen in the spine, next to a steaming cup...
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Our Search for Better Website Analytics–A Review of Fathom Analytics

Read the full review of Fathom Analytics - a privacy-focused, compliant analytics platform that gives teams all they need to make data-driven decisions.
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Why Branding Matters in 2022

What exactly is branding and do you really need it in 2022? The answer is yes–branding matters, now more than ever! Many people think that your logo is your brand, but it is SO much...
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Christmas in July

Yes, I am talking about Christmas in July and how we need to get thinking and working on items that won’t launch until the end of the year! Let me start by saying that this...
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Web Developer vs. Designer

Throughout my career, I have had a variety of titles. These titles have ranged from UX designer to Full Stack Developer, with several others in-between. With such a multitude of job titles that can be...
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Branding and Website Design

Your brand is everything about your business that can be experienced. From your client discovering you on social media, to walking into your store or office to your logo design on your business cards, your...
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Above the Fold & Website Design 

What Does “Above the Fold” Mean? When something in the browser window is immediately visible to a user who lands on a web page it is considered above the fold. Anything that is not immediately...
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Why You Need Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics is an extremely popular web analytics service provided by Google and used by roughly 55% of all websites on the internet, according to This is probably why a large number of website...
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StoryBrand Framework

What is the most common brand mistake? Did you watch or read The Hunger Games? Both? Me too. Raise your hand if you walked away thinking how much you wanted to be like the drunk...
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