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M Agency has some big news: We’ve worked with the sponsorship of none other than Washington’s own Alaska Airlines to set up the painting of an outdoor Tacoma mural that combines city pride, our Pacific Northwest beauty and local history all in one. And we. Are. EXCITED!

We are so honored to be chosen by Alaska Airlines to bring this project together, and to have Alaska sponsor the commission of Tacoma artist, Jake “Dkoy” Wagoner, in completing an outdoor mural at Tacoma’s Union Club. The mural shows we are #SouthSoundProud and that, together with Alaska Airlines, we #FlyLikeTheMountainIsOut. The signature South Sound Proud mountain logo will be featured in the mural, bringing the local pride full circle.

M Agency mural direction

The coolest part about this is that the Union Club, currently a coworking space for creatives, artists and entrepreneurs (and unique to Tacoma), is strongly committed to the local artist community. Our team saw an opportunity in the Alaska Airlines sponsorship gift to let an artist truly create with no limitations. They are so excited to partner with Alaska Airlines in a way that aligns with their commitment to creative, artistic work, and that also connects back to Alaska, as many of the airline’s employees not only call Tacoma home, but love the Union Club as a space for working remotely.

If you haven’t yet seen the gorgeous space that is the Union Club (and if not, go! Seriously, it’s beautiful), block off 2:00 pm on July 9 for joining M Agency, Alaska Airlines, Union Club, and Tacoma Arts Commission in celebrating your city. Tacoma mayor Victoria Woodards will do the ribbon-cutting to officially present the mural to the community, and South Sound Magazine, Q13 Fox News, and King5 News will be there to capture it. (So bring your best face, because you’ll very likely be caught on camera!) 🙂

RSVP on M Agency’s Facebook page to join us in the celebration of Tacoma beauty, collaboration, and art. We can’t wait to see you there!


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Everything that we do at M Agency is centered around the concept of Meaningful Marketing. This means that we root all of our marketing efforts around your business’s true purpose—or your M as we prefer to call it. Your M forms the foundation of your brand—it’s why you get up in the morning and do what you do. Honoring your M is how we create meaningful marketing that is authentic, effective and speaks to your target audience.

In order to help our clients with Meaningful Marketing, we utilize a three-step creative process. We’ve uncovered the first two steps in recent blog posts: Relevant Research and Creative Crafting. To wrap up this series, we’ll discuss how we bring our big ideas to life through Excellent Execution.

M Agency team working

What is Excellent Execution?

After we’ve curated your ideal marketing team through our unique M POD system, we can move forward into Excellent Execution. Using our strategy from Relevant Research and our game plan developed in Creative Crafting, Excellent Execution is all about setting the plan in motion. In collaboration with your team, we produce all the deliverables needed to move your project forward, on-time and on-budget.

How Does M Agency Apply It?

Excellent Execution means that our team facilitates the heavy lifting, while you get to watch the magic unfold. However, you play a critical role in the execution process—providing feedback. We’re always happy to make changes as necessary to ensure our work meets satisfaction. After all, there’s no one who understand your business better than you! We provide an easy system of reviewing and proofing, which we’ll thoroughly explain in the on-boarding process.

During the executing stage, we closely monitor and track results and deliverables to determine effectiveness, making adjustments as needed. This ensures that we achieve the highest return on your investment.

Schedule a Free Marketing Consultation with M Agency

If you’re interested in Meaningful Marketing, give us a call. Let’s take your website or brand to the next level together. Schedule a free marketing consultation with our team to discuss how M Agency can support your business. We work with small-to-midsize businesses in the state of Washington and beyond, across various industries. No project is too big or small.

M Agency is excited to work collaboratively with your team to creatively develop concepts that will push your business forward in relevant, meaningful ways. Schedule a free marketing consultation today to get started.

What is my M? My M is MAKING CONNECTIONS! It’s not unusual for web developers to be focused on making connections. Web developers make connections all the time: connecting to a new API or getting the front end to talk to the backend of the site. What is unusual for the stereotypical developer is connecting with people.

My focus on creating connections is with other human beings. A website isn’t useful unless it helps humans connect with the information they need, ideally in an experience that doesn’t make them want to tear their hair out. My role as a Digital Producer is to connect with the client and help guide them through the process of understanding their own goals and outcomes for the site, and then build a tool to help them accomplish that. It’s not always an easy process, but it can be incredibly rewarding.

Headshot of Adam Blodgett
Photo by Becka Regan of Regan House Photo

How did I get into web development?

I got into web development by accident. I started developing websites at 18 years old, the summer after my senior year of high school in a friend’s garage. I was hooked by the incredible ability to put something online instantaneously and connect with anyone from anywhere across the world.

It was a pretty heady feeling and it was something I could do immediately. I didn’t have to wait for anyone else. I could just write code and put my content online for anyone to see. Not that many people did, but the process and the possibility were intoxicating.

In my senior year at UC Irvine, I got my first domain name and built my first blog on Graymatter, an early content management system. It was an incredible way for me to exercise both my coding and my design chops. Every three months or so I’d redesign the layout and write about what was going on in my life. The blog became a sandbox for me to learn how write, design and code all at the same time.

I worked through a few jobs after college, and eventually ended up at M Agency, where I get to build exciting new websites for great clients supported by an incredible team.

How do I balance being a busy dad while being a web developer?

It can be difficult, without question. However, luckily, I have flexibility to wear both hats whenever needed. One of the main reasons I became a developer was so that I could work from home and take care of my kids.

It’s not something that every parent can do, but I really love being available for my kids. It’s great to be there when they come home from school and having the flexibility to pick them up if needed. Refereeing who gets to choose the next TV show while I’m trying to write code is less than ideal, but they grow up so fast—I want to be able to spend as much time with them as I can. I wouldn’t change things for a million dollars. Okay, maybe a million dollars, but not a penny less!

What are you most excited for in 2018 with M Agency?

There’s so much to look forward to here at M Agency. Ultimately, I’m excited to have the opportunity to build great websites and deepen my relationship with the fantastic marketing team at M.

Everything we do at M Agency is rooted by one thing: Meaningful Marketing. Meaningful Marketing cultivates emotional connection by rooting all efforts from your organization’s true purpose—or your M as we prefer to call it. In order to uncover your M and effectively support your marketing goals, we follow a unique three-step process.

Following Relevant Research, Creative Crafting is the second step of our process that we apply to all projects. After we fully understand our client’s why or their M as we prefer to call it, we move into brainstorming and concepting to kick off the creative phase of the project.

Leah Kaufmann typing on computer

What is Creative Crafting?

Creative Crafting is our process of gaining understanding, developing ideas and honing them into the concepts that most effectively accomplish the client and project goals. We believe that excellent creative work requires purpose to be compelling, so we start there. Then, creativity comes in. It’s all about getting curious, asking questions and testing and adjusting.

How does M Agency Apply Creative Crafting?

The best creative work comes from the collective effort of individuals striving for a common goal. Creative Crafting begins with connecting to the project needs that we uncovered during Relevant Research. The process of generating ideas begins in our initial kickoff meeting, when all of the team members come together to review the client and project for the first time. Together, M POD members unpack the strategy and begin brainstorming.

The brainstorming process is collaborative and iterative. M POD members review ideas with one another, and the Creative Director guides the team to push forward on the standout concepts. Following brainstorming, the pen hits paper as our ideas are brought to life.

The next phase is to build out and refine each concept, honing the creative until it’s ready to be measured up against the initial strategy. This phase of creative determines which concept will be most appropriate for the goals and audience outlined initially. Further refinement of the creative may be necessary at this phase.

The next step is to present the creative to the client. Typically, M POD members narrow down all creative concepts to one that we feel is most effective with ROI in mind. Our process is a truly effective solution that requires minimal revisions.

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Does your business lack kick-ass creative? We would venture to guess that maybe there wasn’t a solid strategy behind your brand or design. That’s usually the problem our clients have run into before they come to M Agency.

Whether you’re looking for a custom, pixel-perfect and user-friendly website or in need of a brand redesign, we can help! M Agency is excited to work collaboratively with your team to creatively develop concepts that will push your business forward in relevant, meaningful ways. Schedule a free marketing consultation to get started.

What is my M? My M is ENGINEERING WIT. I have always been a little goofy and have used that to spark my creativity. I think with what’s happening in the world right now, we can sometimes be too serious and don’t take a step back to enjoy the moments. Sometimes the cleverest statement can be the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I spend my day working with a variety of creatives and have to use my skill set to try and find that clever angle and bring a new perspective to a project.

Rachel O'Donnell


How did I get into marketing?

My interest in marketing grew while in school at Eastern Washington University. I had chosen my degree because the classes sounded incredibly interesting to me. The classes included photography, sports communication, 3D modeling and layout design. Random choices, but were the best classes I have ever taken.

I was 20 years old when I worked with my first marketing client. It was a small coffee bistro in Cheney, WA. I put together a team and we came up with a marketing campaign for them and got to execute the deliverables. We had the chance to make a difference for this small business. That was about the point that I realized that I loved working in marketing! Anytime I’m in Cheney, I always make it a point to stop by that coffee shop.

How do I establish a work/life balance?

I think having family support is key to establishing work/life balance. For the last five years, my family and I were spread across the state. It’s nice to finally be within a few miles of each other. I’m really close to my sister, which always surprises people because we both are polar opposites. But we go to baseball games together, and always take the opportunity to explore new places together. She’s my partner in crime. We all make sure that even though we lead very busy lives, we gather for a family dinner once a week.

How does my M inspire my life outside of work?

With my M being ENGINEERING WIT, I think it applies to all areas of my life. Outside of work, I’m heavily sarcastic to a point that sometimes I don’t know when to keep my mouth shut. Growing up, I was known as being the Chandler Bing of my family. I even have a Chandler Bing Pop! Vinyl in my home office. When I’m not at work, I’m out exploring the outdoors. Sometimes I have a plan, sometimes I just pick a direction. The point is to live your own story, not someone else’s.

What are you most excited for in 2018 with M Agency?

I’m excited to see our team take M Agency to the next level. I started as an intern last June and since then, our core team has grown and we’ve moved our office to Downtown Tacoma. The team and I have some big ideas for M, and I’m excited for us execute those and raise up M Agency’s awareness in the community.

Here at M Agency, we often get the question: What is your process? How do we intentionally start our projects for the desired outcome? To simply put: emotions drive purchasing decisions. Research shows that consumers base a majority of their decisions off of how the brand makes them feel. By connecting your audience to the purpose that drives your work, M Agency’s work ensures that your brand and marketing strategy is effective.

As a creative team, we are passionate storytellers. Our goal is to help our clients shine their light in the world. We do this by creating meaningful marketing—marketing that cultivates emotional connection by rooting all efforts from your organization’s true purpose—or your M as we prefer to call it. In order to uncover your M, we follow a unique three-step process.

M Agency's Angela Nguyen typing on computer

Our three-step process includes: Relevant Research, Creative Crafting and Excellent Execution. But what do these steps entail? We’re going to break this out in a three-part blog series so that you can know what to expect when working with M Agency, starting with Relevant Research.

What is Relevant Research?

Once you have become a client at M Agency, we want to get to know all about YOU. During our initial on-boarding, we will get to know your business and your team, from the inside and out. We will ask questions that include the following topics:

  • Your current brand
  • Your vision and goals
  • Your target audience
  • Your competitors

Through this interview process, we will be able work together to truly identify the passion behind your business. Marketing is a team effort, and our team will dedicate ourselves to further our knowledge of your industry in order to best support you.

How Does M Agency Apply It?

We want to best guide our marketing strategy for your business. With extensive research, market analysis, analytics, as well as the combined experience of our team, we will be able to do just that. From there, we can designate the ideal team members for your project. This is known as an M Pod.

An M Pod is your business’ marketing department. M Pod members consist of a combination of Creative, Digital and Content Producers, all customized to fit your project’s needs. During Relevant Research process, we are able to build the foundation and chemistry for a successful outcome.

Wherever you are at your marketing, we will look at your goals and develop a plan based on your return on investment. Creating intentional marketing that is meaningful to your business goals and your bottom line is what we do best.

Schedule a Chat with our M Agency Team

Now that we’re settled into our new space, we invite you to come down and talk with us about how M can best support your business. Let’s take your website, or brand to the next level together. With an extensive arsenal of creatives, we will be just as passionate about your work as you are. We can ensure that our skilled marketing team will be equally passionate about your work as you are.

No business is too small or too big. M Agency has worked with all types of local and national organizations and businesses. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our marketing services or our process. We look forward to working with you!

What is my M? My M is … INFLUENCING! Knowing how to effectively influence others is a powerful tool in our society. In the wrong hands, it can negatively shape the world. As M Agency’s Account Manager, I’m committed to being an authentic and honest influencer—by truly understanding the needs of our clients and engaging with the greater community. Through my M, I’m able to impact an audience that trusts my opinion, as well as help others achieve their goals.

Headshot of Ambra Washington

How did I get into marketing?

I’ve worked in marketing for more than 15 years, supporting several national brands in the fashion and sports apparel industry. Since I was a child, I’ve always had an entrepreneurial spirit. I knew that this industry would allow me to work with people and help them tell their story—something I’ve always been passionate about. I believe that regardless of the service, product or brand that you’re selling, marketing is all about the matter of evoking a feeling that provides effective results.

How do I balance being a busy professional, while also being a mother to little ones?

When it comes to managing a work/life balance, schedules are everything! But of course, I couldn’t do it without the support of my husband.

Daytime is dedicated to work—I always try to get as much accomplished as I can and focus on my role as an Account Manager. But when the work day is done, I clock out and begin my second gig: a full-time wife and mother to two boys. Achieving work/life balance means knowing when to turn off and be present in the moment. I treasure the time I get to spend with my family in the evenings and on the weekends. We unwind, connect about our day and enjoy each others company.

How does my M inspire my life outside of work?

Outside of my work at M Agency, I’m a beauty and lifestyle influencer. Throughout the years, I’ve developed an amazing audience within the beauty community on social media and YouTube. When the kids go to bed — that’s when I turn on my camera and get to work! As an influencer, I get to explore my love for makeup, share my favorite brands and products as well as interact with people from around the world.

Ultimately, my goal is to encourage my audience to embrace their unique beauty and live their best life bright! My platform has given me the opportunity to travel, network with incredibly talented people and tap into my creativity.

What am I most excited for in 2018 with M Agency?

In 2018, I’m most excited to continue my growth within M Agency. Within my role, I’m fortunate enough to have the opportunity to engage in the community, supporting organizations like The Girls Only Prom and Experience Tacoma who are making a positive impact for Tacoma. There’s so much brewing this year that I would love to reveal, but you’ll just have to stay tuned!

They really do taste awful. We don’t even know why we keep eating them.

Happy Valentines Day!!!

We wanted to help you celebrate in style, so our design team whipped up some fun/funny Valentine templates for you to use. Just download and print these on any color of paper for the special person in your life!

We hope your Valentine’s Day (and quite honestly, your whole world) is full of love.


M Agency

M Agency is officially in our new office space at 1130 Broadway in Downtown Tacoma. Our team at M is incredibly excited to see the vision we had for our space come to life. We are ready to welcome in a new chapter and share the experience with you.

Empty office space before construction
Before Construction

Exploring the Tacoma Community

Major construction had to be done in order to transform the space into a professional office setting over the past several months. As a result, we took advantage of being remote team. This gave us the opportunity to explore different coffee shops and happening spots throughout the city, such Anthem Coffee & Tea and Corina Bakery.

Downtown Tacoma is all about the hustle and bustle. The prime location, as well as support from the staff and community of the Union Club allowed us to make connections with people outside of our walls. We got to watch the summer sunrise over Mount Rainer, or see the rain pour against the front porch. Our team spent their summer lunches wandering around the Broadway Farmers Market, exploring various cuisine and local vendors.

M Agency conference room
Empty M Agency office spa e
After Construction & Renovation

Feeling at Home in Downtown Tacoma

As we begin to settle in our new space, we’re welcomed by wonderful neighbors in the community—like our friends at Fujiya Japanese Restaurant. We want to thank our clients for their patience during this process. Be sure to follow M Agency on Facebook and Instagram for updates on our finished space.

Here at M Agency, our work spans from pixel-perfect responsive websites to building brands from the ground up. However, once in awhile, a client comes to us with a logo that has been previously designed, on online logo design sites like Logojoy. When this happens, it actually provides a solid jumping off point that allows us further develop their brand.

The M team is all about helping our clients share their authentic story. Having a pre-designed logo sets the foundation for their vision. Secondly as a creative agency, we appreciate all ideas! Even if we end up settling on a completely different direction with the client, we love seeing their initial stab at their brand as it helps to build collaboration.

Graphic designer making logo art

We often get questions from prospective clients on the steps they can expect to take with us in their logo design project. We have a comprehensive on-boarding process that support each and every new client through.

Without going into too much detail, a logo design project begins with a detailed interview between us and the client. This helps us get a feel for their brand story, vision and direction. Next is the strategy phase, which is a collaborative process between us and the client. Our design process is custom to our client’s needs, so depending on the timeline, we would begin drafting, finalizing, and so on.

To produce impactful and effective work, collaboration is key.  Wherever you are at with your marketing, we’ll sit down, look at your business needs, and develop a plan based on your desired goals and return-on-investment.

Our mission is to support our clients and serve their business or organization as if it were our own. Let’s take your website, e-commerce business or app to the next level together. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our logo design process and marketing services. We look forward to working with you!