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They really do taste awful. We don’t even know why we keep eating them.

Happy Valentines Day!!!

We wanted to help you celebrate in style, so our design team whipped up some fun/funny Valentine templates for you to use. Just download and print these on any color of paper for the special person in your life!

We hope your Valentine’s Day (and quite honestly, your whole world) is full of love.


M Agency

Here at M Agency, our work spans from pixel-perfect responsive websites to building brands from the ground up. However, once in awhile, a client comes to us with a logo that has been previously designed, on online logo design sites like Logojoy. When this happens, it actually provides a solid jumping off point that allows us further develop their brand.

The M team is all about helping our clients share their authentic story. Having a pre-designed logo sets the foundation for their vision. Secondly as a creative agency, we appreciate all ideas! Even if we end up settling on a completely different direction with the client, we love seeing their initial stab at their brand as it helps to build collaboration.

Graphic designer making logo art

We often get questions from prospective clients on the steps they can expect to take with us in their logo design project. We have a comprehensive on-boarding process that support each and every new client through.

Without going into too much detail, a logo design project begins with a detailed interview between us and the client. This helps us get a feel for their brand story, vision and direction. Next is the strategy phase, which is a collaborative process between us and the client. Our design process is custom to our client’s needs, so depending on the timeline, we would begin drafting, finalizing, and so on.

To produce impactful and effective work, collaboration is key.  Wherever you are at with your marketing, we’ll sit down, look at your business needs, and develop a plan based on your desired goals and return-on-investment.

Our mission is to support our clients and serve their business or organization as if it were our own. Let’s take your website, e-commerce business or app to the next level together. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our logo design process and marketing services. We look forward to working with you!

Bobbie Bailey, President of M Agency | Marketing Agency

Wife, mother, and Tacoma-based CEO Bobbie Bailey would like to pose the question, “What is your M?”

Established in 2009, Bobbie created Marketing Puget Sound as an outlet for her creative work and expert business sense. As a new mom in Corporate America at the time, Bobbie was motivated to be more effective for the people she touched.

“I was young and making great money, but it was more important for me to create something at this point in my life and career than to make money,” Bobbie says.

Bobbie’s background stems from computer science, which allowed her to get a leg up on digital media. She became all too familiar working with large marketing budgets, particularly with clients who were struggling to make the transition from print as their primary marketing source into digital. The extensive training Bobbie received on design and consumer experience resulted in her becoming a natural fit for managing design direction.

“I honestly would say the reason people hired me was to be their general contractor of marketing, a non-biased and non-pushy approach to spending their hard earned money,” she says.

Marketing Puget Sound’s mission was to tell our clients’ stories through creative outlets, both on and offline to uncover their purpose and use that factor to differentiate their brand from competitors. Our goal was to help clients answer the question: “What is your WHY?”

Seven years later, Bobbie made the big decision to rebrand her deemed “second child” Marketing Puget Sound into the now M Agency, which launched on January 1, 2016.

Henceforth the phrase, “What is your WHY?” transformed into “What is your M?” as our company motto. But what was the reason behind this rebrand?

While Marketing Puget Sound garnered great recognition and success in the local community, Bobbie made the decision to rebrand as an opportunity to expand her company without being limited by the boundaries of the Puget Sound area.

“Marketing Puget Sound was a wonderful starting place for me,” Bobbie says. “But with M Agency, this is my opportunity to really shine a light and not be held back by geographical regions.”

The rebranding of Marketing Puget Sound into M Agency also allows the company to realign its vision to better support the big-picture thinking clients that Bobbie hopes to attract.

M Agency as a whole has learned immensely from the rebrand. Quite honestly, there have been a wide variety of challenges we’ve faced as a team, from remembering not to refer to our old name when answering the phone to elevating the new website to the level our old website once held.

As a company that has helped a multitude of clients with their own rebrand, this experience has given us the opportunity to step and reassess our work, strategies, and our individual strengths as a team. With so much of Marketing Puget Sound directly connected with its CEO Bobbie Bailey, the new M Agency can now take on a life and identity of its own.

So, what is your M?

UWGE-buildingIt’s already been an eventful 2016 here at M Agency. Not only did we revamp our own brand, with a new name and full make-over to exude a truer sense of our purpose, we also had the valuable opportunity to dive into a like-minded collaboration with a growing treasure in the South Sound – The Institute for Global Engagement at the University of Washington Tacoma. Both their and our hunger for an outstanding outcome meant it didn’t take long for the pieces to be strategically developed and a genuinely powerful result to emerge. The experience resonated as a reminder of our own agency’s “why” – the desire to shape and share our client’s stories and successes with the world.

We went straight to understanding the Institute for Global Engagement’s “why”.

“Creating the conditions for excellence by connecting the students to real-world models of success, is our mission. Collaborations worldwide and deep engagement with the bold thinkers and architects of our own global city are critical as we, together, prepare the most innovative, informed, and ethical workforce for our community.”

— Divya McMillin, Director of the Institute for Global Engagement and the Global Honors Program

UWGE-postcardThe project centered around the groundbreaking Global Honors Program, designed to develop global citizens and leaders. Those who found a calling toward international awareness and assertiveness; those who wanted to make a positive impact in not only their own neighborhoods but also on a broader spectrum; those who recognized the value in our small town and felt empowered to rise to a challenge; those who would see the reward in gaining understanding and experience and utilize it as a groundbreaking resource; those people heard their “why” broadcast when UW Tacoma launched the brand video M Agency had produced on their behalf. The video now holds center stage on the homepage of the website, welcoming interested community members and students alike to learn more about the program.

The Bamford Foundation, a proud partner of UW Tacoma’s Institute for Global Engagement and Global Honors, lent insight into the importance of this program.

“We value access to excellence in education for all students, and because we believe the IGE is developing leaders who engage and act in our local and global communities through opportunities for collaborative student/faculty research, experiential learning and global service. From our international business experience, we understand and value the importance of exploring Tacoma’s relationship and place in the global community, and Global Honors offers this opportunity to students.”

— Holly Bamford Hunt, on behalf of the Bamford Foundation

UWGE-photo3The energy of the passionate students pushing for development and the sharing of information, without borders — resonated with the team at M Agency. It moved our staff with inspiration towards an already natural flow of energy and consciousness. The same way it will continue to move those new students now searching the syllabus with dreams of impact and drive to ultimately build up this little corner of our world and far beyond. It is with that vigor and dedication that M Agency continues on to what will surely be a groundbreaking year by supporting and engaging community goals and ideas, refining entrepreneurial concepts, and encouraging community mindfulness and growth. We look forward to sharing the journey with you.

View this project in our portfolio!


We’ve been approached several times in the past few months from friends and colleagues asking us, “What’s new with MPS?”

And we would reply with a smile and, “Oh, you know, the same ol’, same ol’. Busy with lots of projects and awesome clients!”

FB-COMING-SOON-ORANGEBut something has been weighing heavy on our shoulders and, well, it’s confession time. Yes, we’ve been keeping a secret. Although we were careful with undercover meetings and worked feverishly in the quiet shadows, it was inevitable that the truth would soon reveal itself… and that the world would know what Marketing Puget Sound has really been up to.

Alas, today is not that day that we are ready to completely announce the big plans ahead. But rest assure – it’s coming soon…

Countless scientific studies have proven that playing a sport can add many benefits to one’s life. One unexpected benefit for an athletic enthusiast is a leg up when it comes to scoring that dream job! More and more employers are finding that applicants with a sports background make great employees. Does that mean you have to be a former Olympian or a retired professional football player to be first on the hiring list? Absolutely not! The Cornell Chronicle of Cornell University says, “Research with current workers and with retirees tell us: Participation in competitive youth sports ‘spills over’ to occupationally advantageous traits that persist across a person’s life”.

So what are these sought after traits that employers are looking for? Well, according to Elizabeth Covay Minor, Research Director at Michigan State University, in an interview with Fortune Magazine says, “persistence, attentiveness, organization and flexibility” are soft social skills that are important to employers. Other qualities that student athletes possess are: leadership ability, self-confidence and self-respect — also greatly valued by employers. Playing sports teaches future employees essential lessons in teamwork, reaching goals and even learning to cope with failure! Learning from these lessons will prepare former athletes for future professional workplace success.

Trent Gibson, Multimedia Engineer at MPSHere at Marketing Puget Sound, a great example of how playing sports has spilled over to benefit our team of professionals is through our Multimedia Engineer, Trent Gibson. Trent brings his semi-pro baseball skills with him to the office every day. His “team-first” attitude and competitive nature have added to our professional growth at MPS. Trent understands that teamwork is essential to reaching our goals, and our clients’ goals. As a key player of our Multimedia Marketing team in Tacoma, Trent uses his competitive nature off the field to guarantee every design we produce at MPS is a marketing masterpiece!



What makes a good logo? Well, the answer will depend on who you ask. If you ask ten different people, I bet you will get ten different opinions on what makes one logo better than another. This subjectivity is both the beauty and the challenge of design-truly ‘good’ design transcends style trends as well as personal preferences. Constantly striving towards this ideal is one of the main things that keeps me inspired in my work each day.

So, how does one go about developing a logo that surpasses subjectivity? I have developed three central maxims that have become my logo-design mantra: Memorable, Meaningful, and Unmistakable.


Nike logo

A great logo makes a strong impression. It is simple enough to be remembered easily, and unique enough to be recognized across different applications and environments. This memorable quality can be achieved many ways: perhaps the shape of the mark is striking and unexpected, or the positive and negative space interact in a clever way. The Nike logo is a classic example of a logo that has become iconic because its shape evokes the brand simply and powerfully.

WWF logo

A logo should be much more than just a graphic element – it should have purposeful value. Many successful marks represent a distinguishing characteristic of the business. The World Wildlife Fund logo is a famous example of a mark that explains the indispensable quality of the organization with an important, iconic visual.

McDonalds logo

A good logo is carefully crafted so that it is effective across all mediums. It should be strong and distinct at all times, from all angles. It should scale well so that it is consistent across the entire brand- print, web, mobile, packaging, signage, fleet, etc. The McDonalds arches do an excellent job of identifying the restaurant chain around the world. The golden arches are unequivocal from any distance or application.

How does your logo stack up? If you find that it’s lacking in any of the three maxims, contact us today for a complimentary consultation!

Positivity is something that we choose. #PositiveByDesign encompasses just that. With every situation we face, there is the opportunity to design the path we wish to take. Will we opt to focus on the positives or take on a more negative approach?

Here at Marketing Puget Sound, we believe that positive thinking gives us a “Happy Advantage”, which was inspired by Shawn Achor’s TEDx talk on positive psychology. He explained that our brain at positive allows for a higher potential for happiness, productivity, energy and creativity. With so much to gain and nothing to lose, MPS has chosen to launch #PositiveByDesign, a campaign focusing on increasing happiness and positivity in all aspects.

Achor mentions five daily engagements, when accomplished for at least 21 days can lead to positive change. They include listing three items of gratitude, exercise, random acts of kindness, journaling and meditation. One of my personal gratitudes is the opportunity to be inspired by the creative work of others. I love discovering clever and imaginative media campaigns that really convey a message. If it happens to also make me laugh, that’s just a bonus. Take a little break from your busy day to peek at these great campaigns that illustrate exactly what #PoitiveByDesign is, both aesthetically and metaphorically.

 Ogilvy: Expedia Luggage Tag Campaign
Ad agency Ogilvy uses the three-letter airport luggage tags to convey some witty travel messages.


Harvey Nichols: #SpendItOnYourself
Ad agency adam&eveDDB, London created clever simple adds for cheap holiday gifts actually sold as a way to reinforce the idea of saving money and #SpendingItOnYourself

Saatchi & Saatchi: Schusev State Museum of Architecture
Ad agency Saatchi & Saatchi highlights the knowledge of information available at the museum by featuring famous Russian landmarks, but showing that there’s more to the story.

Rothammer: “When Love is Born, a Friend Dies”
Prolam Y&R Santiago, Chile created beer ads, with the phrase “When love is born, a friend dies”. Depicting friends mourning their buddies who have fallen for girls and have less time to for drinking.

Volkswagen: Precision Parking
DDB Tribal Berlin, Germany emphasizes Volkswagen’s new park assist feature.

Although all these campaigns are for very different brands, the common denominator is how effectively the messages are visually conveyed. I hope these sparked some creativity and imagination that you can use to get you through the rest of the day as you design positively!

When should you update your website?
Websites are your online storefront and they are often the first impression you make with potential customers. If your website isn’t a true reflection of your business, then it is time to update! This is precisely why Marketing Puget Sound is about to launch our brand new website.

What is different about the new Marketing Puget Sound website?
Our new site will be more visually appealing and user-friendly. Information will be easier to find and read. You will also get to know our team better through our fun “About Us” page. We are excited to incorporate pictures from our recent photo-shoot with J. Hobson Photography [link]. Our work portfolio is updated to showcase our absolute best work.

Why is a fresh website good for business?
A professional and beautifully created website will show your customers that you are a legitimate business that is serious about your products and services. These days, most people search online when they are ready to buy something. Your website should show them why your business is the best fit for their needs. If you have a brick and mortar store, a website allows you to be available to customers 24/7.

How do I know my website needs a makeover?
You should consider a new website if:

  • Is not getting the web traffic you want.
  • Takes a long time to load.
  • Is not visually appealing.
  • Doesn’t show your company’s true personality.
  • Lacks professional-grade images.
  • Doesn’t have consistent branding throughout.
  • Is extremely text-heavy and is not appealing to read.
  • Lacks compelling content.
  • Is not user-friendly.
  • Doesn’t have a mobile or responsive site.
  • Has an outdated look and functionality.

Leave a comment below and let us know what you think of our new website!

Yesterday our team had a design lab that featured some new projects that our team has been working on over the past month or so. First and foremost we wanted to say thank you to everyone who came out and participated in this event with us. We had a lot of significant leaders in the Tacoma community present at the event, and we are very thankful to have such great partners and friends who care about our work.

We feel as though the event was a success and we are thrilled with the outcome. Everyone who participated was given a chance to take a look at 4 different designs varying from a website to physical advertisements and digital advertisements. During the process our guests would visit each design and write their feedback based on specific questions that we had.

Our team feels as though it is extremely healthy to get an outside perspective for certain projects. The fact is that when you’re working hard on a project sometimes it’s easy to miss details. The goal of this design lab was simply to get valuable input from our fellow partners and friends, and to enjoy our time together.

A huge thank you to Gingko Forest Winery  for providing some great wine for our guests during the lab!

Again, we really appreciate everyone’s input and presence at the lab and we look forward to diving into these suggestions and making the necessary corrections to our designs.

We will definitely be hosting more of these events in the future, so be sure to look for the next invite!