November 2, 2019

5 Reasons Why You Need a New Website in 2020

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A new year marks a new opportunity to make the most of your business and a new website is a great place to start! Your website is often the first impression you’ll make on your customers, clients, and partners. It helps them understand your business, the who, what, where and why. If building a new website has been on your checklist all year, now is the time to get started and here are five compelling reasons to make your move!

Improve User Experience

We’ve all been to that website that just doesn’t make sense, it’s hard to navigate, it’s out of date and it just doesn’t function in the way we’re used to. So, what do you do? You go somewhere else, somewhere that makes sense and guides you to exactly where you need to go to get exactly what you need.
The internet shapes the way we interact with products and services: user experience can make or break the relationship you create with your customers and clients. When you invest in a new website, you invest in your customers, your clients and the overall health of your business.

Improve SEO

SEO is crucial! Without SEO your website is in serious danger of being lost in the vast sea that is the internet. A new website is an opportunity to take inventory of your current site’s performance and improve or enhance its marketing capabilities. Improving your SEO can mean many things, here are just a few:

  1. Making your site friendly to search engines
  2. Creating content that will drive traffic to your site
  3. Improving the user experience by optimizing the loading time of your site and cleaning up technical website errors.

Update Your Look

Design trends evolve over time and a user’s psychological connection to the look and feel of an era has a big impact on how clients and customers view your business. If your website appears dated, a user could easily (and quickly) make the assumption that your business is not legitimate and navigate elsewhere. Because your website is likely the first thing potential clients check out to verify your business, a modern and simple site with clear user interface design communicates that your products or services are relevant. A new website is a chance to re-evaluate how your brand appears online, and in this era of technical advances capable of streamlining a consumer’s experience, your business has everything to gain from updating your website’s look.

Build Hype!

A new website is a great way to generate hype for your business or organization. When you create a new website you can piggyback on your new look and feel with a variety of campaigns. Here are a few ways you can build hype in tandem with your new website:

  1. Special offers – reward those who take the time to visit your new site with a coupon or a free download that benefits them.
  2. Reconnect – when you freshen up your website, you get the chance to reconnect with those for whom you may have fallen off the radar. Send out an email blast or post on social that your new and improved website is worth visiting.
  3. Host a launch party – build morale among your team by hosting a launch party to celebrate your new site. When you invest in your business or organization, everyone benefits, including your employees.

Make it Meaningful

At M Agency, we see every marketing project as a chance to infuse meaning behind your business or organization. If you’ve missed the mark on your mission statement or you think your customers and clients need more from you, a new website is a perfect place to roll out those meaningful updates!

Kick this new year off strong with a beautiful, articulate and user-friendly website. The best part? You have options! There are online resources and agencies willing and ready to help you get your website project started — including M. See if our team is the right fit for your website project by giving us a call: 253-503-1227