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Why Mobile Mentality Matters for your Website: Keeping Face in a Mobile World

We live in a cell phone era, ever connected and constantly evolving. This mentality allows access to unlimited information at the click of a button. But that has major implications for those supplying the information. It’s a competitive platform and it’s all too easy to swipe right these days. The window of time to captivate… Read more »

Break-up of the Century: Microsoft Dumps Internet Explorer!

Microsoft Dropping the Browser Brand of Internet Explorer in Order to Compete is Great News for Website Designers By: Trang Nguyen | MPS Blogger Internet Explorer is like the last kid to be picked in gym class when it comes to Internet browsers. For years now, it has taken a back seat to Safari, Firefox,… Read more »

Patient Portal Marketing | Marketing Puget Sound

Why it is Important to Market your Website’s Patient Portal By: MPS Writer Clients we work with are in healthcare, from chiropractors to dentists and even facial surgeons. As we work to build new websites and redesign old ones for these specific clients, we find that requests for patient portals are becoming more and more common…. Read more »

WordPress CMS Case Study: Cascade Regional Blood Services

  Organization: Cascade Regional Blood Services Timeframe of Project: April 2014 – May 2014 It’s very possible that you’ve seen their logo, or have actually donated with them. Since 1946, Cascade Regional Blood Services (CRBS) has provided blood to Multicare Health System and Franciscian Health System hospitals and clinics in the Pierce and South King County. Their old website was… Read more »

Custom Website Design - Blue Mouse Theatre Tacoma

Considerations for a Custom Website Design

In the world of website design, people fall into two categories: those who design websites, and those who use them. Though website visitors are the most important critic, too many designers build visually appealing websites without keeping user functionality in mind. When we create a custom website design at Marketing Puget Sound, we develop it… Read more »

Enhance Your Business Marketing with SEO

Pumped up and ready to rock 2014, we want to share a piece of our marketing brains and explain what we do for local businesses. In particular, we’d like to chat about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and how this technique will help maximize your business marketing plan for 2014. Maybe you’ve heard of the term,… Read more »

Blue Mouse Theatre Tacoma - Website Development Marketing Puget Sound

Blue Mouse Theatre’s 90th Birthday Celebrated with New Website

The Blue Mouse Theatre, a community-supported movie house in Tacoma’s Proctor District celebrates its 90th birthday today, November 13, 2013. The theatre is recognized as the longest running movie house in the State of Washington. Many upgrades have happened for the theatre since 1923, structurally and technologically. The most recent change is the new website,… Read more »

When Is It Time For a New Website?

When should you update your website? Websites are your online storefront and they are often the first impression you make with potential customers. If your website isn’t a true reflection of your business, then it is time to update! This is precisely why Marketing Puget Sound is about to launch our brand new website. What… Read more »

Things To Keep In Mind When Designing Your Mobile Website

As far as Internet browsing is concerned, Smartphones and tablets have replaced the desktops and laptops. Recent reports have revealed that in 2012, 30% of total search queries in Google have been made from the handheld devices tablets, i-pods and Smartphones. But if the reports are to be taken into consideration, the infinitesimal 21% is… Read more »

User Experience In The Marketing Puget Sound Web Design Process

Usability and ease of access are two of the most important aspects of modern web design — although often overlooked by design/development teams.  We, as users, expect the websites we frequent to be quick, intuitive, and allow easy access to the content we’re seeking.  At Marketingpugetsound, user experience starts from the initial client contact, and… Read more »