April 29, 2020

Why Now Is the Perfect Time to Rethink Your Website

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As we come to the conclusion of our second month at home, many people are realizing the absolutely vital nature of our technology. From providing our only link to now-distant friends and loved ones, to the freshly virtual workplaces so many are getting comfortable with, our lives and screens are more intertwined than ever. This goes for businesses as much as individuals. With the traditional marketplace stripped away so quickly, the pandemic has only revealed the necessity of a great web presence, no matter what industry you’re in.  

Since there is such uncertainty around a post-COVID world, spending your isolation time future-proofing your business is an awesome way to keep professionally active. One of the best ways to do so is by rethinking your website. The ways we do business are shifting faster than ever, with digital and social media rapidly cementing their place at the center of the economy. 

Professional web design teams understand how to create dynamic, adaptable platforms that accommodate new technologies. Whether you know what you’re looking for, or want to explore the possibilities of website design in 2020, keeping your mind going will ensure your business returns to the normal world with crucial momentum. 


What a Modern Website Must Do

Websites have grown far more powerful and effective since the launch of the internet. No longer are websites simple information resources, letting people know what you sell, and where to find your locations. Online consumers are extremely savvy, and giant competitors like Amazon mean that they always have a comfortable alternative to take their business to. That’s why modern websites must do each of the following, at minimum, to provide the necessary value. 


  • Closely replicate your offline business online: This has been laid bare more than ever by the pandemic. Wherever possible, your customers should be able to do the majority of their business with your company through the website. A great example of this is bookstores. While Amazon is many people’s go-to for online book shopping, there is a large chunk of people who would rather support local independent retailers. Those who have a browsable inventory section on their website can easily make sales via delivery during the pandemic. Those that don’t, sadly, cannot function while their storefront is closed. Applying this web design logic to whatever industry you’re in will bolster your business during both normal and emergency times. 


  • Utilize the vast functionality tools available: The huge amount of investment and ingenuity that has poured into online commerce has made high-level business tools available to everyone. Shopify is a ready-made platform for easy online selling, with a helpful online community for discussing with other users. Payment systems like Stripe allow for simple and secure online payment, giving customers peace of mind about their bank/credit card information. Social media integration enables brand consistency and synergy between your website and your various, hopefully thriving social media accounts. Real-time customer service applications and chatbots allow your business to directly communicate with customers as they browse your website, to learn about areas of difficulty, or common concerns that aren’t being met, from actual users. 


  • Have a great user experience: Above all, your web design must be intuitive, prioritizing a combination of the above functionality with ease of use. You can never assume a user’s level of web sophistication. By catering to even beginner web users, your target audience can expand to include even those who don’t normally consider themselves online shoppers. 



Getting Your SEO to Work for You

We’re an awesome agency based in Tacoma, but now, thanks to search engines, that doesn’t mean that Tacoma is the only palace we draw our customers from. Search engine optimization is when you precisely curate your website design and content based on the parameters that search engines show users results. By emphasizing your SEO as such, you can create a feedback loop between your website, social media, and search engines, that spirals into a sales funnel of interested, engaged, and informed potential customers. 


Ready to Rethink Your Website? 

If this blog has gotten you inspired about the potential of your website, say hi to M Agency today! We’re Tacoma-based experts in web design, marketing, branding, and much more, helping our clients elevate their business through meaningful marketing.