July 11, 2024

Behind the Scenes of Impactful Brand Strategies

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Matt Hirsch

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How can you blend technology and creativity to develop cutting-edge digital marketing strategies? As the digital landscape evolves at breakneck speed, staying ahead requires cultivating an innovative mindset. What is the secret to ensuring every strategy makes a meaningful impact?

In today’s Matters of Creative episode, Matt Hirsch, the Director of Digital Marketing at M Agency, joins Rise25’s Chad Franzen to unveil the secrets behind winning marketing strategies. Matt talks about the agency collaboration that brought him to marketing, his personal development initiatives, and how AI will alter the digital marketing landscape.

In his role as a digital marketer, Matt Hirsch wears many hats, navigating between teams to ensure each campaign aligns with the current landscape, regardless of the diverse sectors they serve. Digital marketing professionals must remain agile by engaging in continuous learning to stay updated on industry trends in technology and creativity, positioning them at the forefront of their field. Each marketing strategy must have clear goals and KPIs to ensure successful outcomes.

Listen in to learn how to apply the latest marketing strategies to your business.


Matt HirschMatt Hirsch is the Director of Digital Marketing at M Agency, where he oversees the company’s digital strategy. With experience in digital innovation at the intersection of people, technology, and brands, Matt has helped business leaders in small companies, startups, and Fortune 100s scale and transform.


Here’s a Glimpse of what you’ll learn:

  • [1:32] Matt Hirsch’s dynamic digital marketing responsibilities at M Agency
  • [2:12] How an unexpected agency collaboration sparked Matt’s career transition to marketing
  • [8:01] The role of morning rituals and task planning in productivity
  • [13:38] What are the benefits and challenges of working with clients in diverse sectors?
  • [17:19] AI’s impact on digital marketing strategies

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Quotable Moments

  • “Agencies get to have way more fun than I ever knew even existed in the business world.”
  • “Back up your work, and just make sure you go as slow and methodical as you can.”
  • “Drinking as much water as I can… I should be drinking more.”
  • “I wish my job was to interview others about their jobs.”
  • “Gardening… keeps my brain fresh.”

Action Steps

  1. Set clear digital goals: Understand exactly what you want to achieve online to measure success effectively. Clarifying goals ensures that every marketing initiative has a defined purpose and helps to track progress accurately.
  2. Embrace AI trends and tools: Stay up-to-date with how AI is reshaping digital marketing, especially SEO. Utilizing AI can give you a competitive advantage by providing deeper insights and automating complex tasks.
  3. Conduct thorough industry research: Research your sector comprehensively to tailor digital strategies effectively. Knowledge of your industry empowers you to create campaigns that resonate with your target audience.
  4. Develop backup systems for development projects: Always have backups of your work to prevent data loss. Regular backups can save invaluable time and resources in the event of technical mishaps.
  5. Enhance interdepartmental communication: Bridge the gap between different teams, such as creators and clients, to harmonize digital marketing efforts. Effective communication ensures that all stakeholders are working towards common goals, which optimizes results.


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