Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling

A New Digital Experience for a Nonprofit Bringing Help and Hope to the PNW


Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling


March 2021


14 Months




  • Copywriting
  • Website Design
  • Website Development

The Problem

Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling came to M Agency with an outdated website that had become a beast to manage. ECPG serves multiple audiences, with numerous programs and offerings. They needed a website that was easy to navigate, and could house all the information about their organization, including a member portal.

The Goal

To create a website that provided excellent user experience, with an updated look and easy management for ECPG staff.


We had two main objectives when we began refreshing ECPG’s website: Excellent UX and a cohesive, modern feel that was intuitive and easily accessible. To give the site that modern feel we began with refreshing their brand.

We selected typography that would be easy to read and skim. We fleshed out the color palette, adding some orange and navy blue to the existing greens of the ECPG brand.

We chose those colors because we wanted the website to appear soothing, but also engaging. We applied the colors as a gradient to add dimension and to reflect the brands logo design.


ECPG serves multiple audiences: Those seeking treatment, their family members, treatment providers, ECPG members and organizations looking for support and training around gambling addiction. For each audience, there is a plethora of content. We needed to organize it all in a way that made it easy for each audience to find what they needed.


We chose photography that conveyed hope and empowerment, so those with gambling addiction or their family members would come to the website and feel like they could get through this challenge in life and come out the other side healed.


With every website build there are a few things we aim to knock out of the park: performance, maintainability and scalability. The goal is to create a website that performs well and is easy to edit and update in the future.

To ensure that the site is maintainable and scalable for the years to come, we’ve utilized the popular CSS utility-first framework known as Tailwind. This also helped us build quickly and efficiently.

Additionally we took a modular approach, breaking each page section into its own component. The intuitive file system should allow future developers to add and update layouts with ease.


To accomplish peak performance, we’ve leveraged tools like PurgeCSS, CSSNano and Webpack to ensure our scripting files are as light-weight and efficient as possible. In addition to that, we work hard to follow best practices by keeping images compressed, lazy loading media that isn’t immediately visible, preloading the fonts being used and more.


The client also utilizes Salsa Labs as a CRM to manage memberships/subscriptions to send newsletters, provide discounts and learning material. They needed a member portal that acts as a middleman between their new site and Salsa Labs, to create a seamless user experience for members.

Salsa Labs, like most great CRMs, provides a solid API. Combined with the power of Vue.js (a fantastic JavaScript framework), WordPress and the aforementioned API, we are excited about the easy-to-use dashboard for members to view learning materials, future events and more.

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