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When you’re ready for a new website, you have many things to consider. There is a lot at stake. It’s a big investment. You want to get it right.

At M Agency, we understand how important your online presence is to your business and potential customers. We are a full-service marketing agency that takes the time to learn about your business, your customers, and what you want to achieve with your custom website. Because we offer the full spectrum of marketing services, we look at your entire marketing strategy to ensure your new website can anchor every aspect of your digital marketing, including SEO (search engine optimization) and social media marketing.

What does a website design company do?

There are a lot of tools out there that allow you to build your own website. However, there is much more to an effective website design than using a website builder and publishing it. There are many considerations, like user experience design, search engine optimization, functionality, efficiency and more. When you hire a digital marketing agency or web design firm, you get all the expertise you need to make sure your new website supports your business, brings you leads and closes sales for you.

Being a full service agency means we can help design, and build your site. With our website development projects we’ll typically use a CMS (content management system) like WordPress to help companies manage their sites easier. Most of our e-commerce websites use platforms like Shopify for the same reason.

What are some of the benefits of web design?

Think for a moment about how much information you absorb during a typical day. The human brain is constantly making decisions, and those decisions are usually around “does this help me survive and thrive?” If the brain can’t immediately answer “yes” to that question, it moves on.

Web designers understand how the human brain works, and how to organize information and design it in a way that connects with the user and helps them immediately understand how your product improves their lives and how to get it. That’s why having a professional website design company work on your website is so important. Ultimately, you want your business website to work as hard at selling as you do!

What does it mean to be a web designer?

When you’re looking for a web design company, you’ll see a lot of terms thrown around. Website design, graphic design, UI/UX design…how do you know which one you need, and what’s the difference anyway? There are some critical differences, which is why you want to make sure your web design agency understands user experience and how to deliver a user-friendly website. Let’s talk about the differences in designers.

Learn more about some of the differences between working with a web developer vs designer.

Graphic Designer
A graphic designer is someone who designs graphics like logos and brand images and iconography. A graphic designer may contribute to a website’s digital imagery to ensure your business website brings forward your brand and marketing strategy.

Common design software that a graphic designer would frequently use to produce color palettes, mockups and other visual elements include Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

UI/UX Designer
UX stands for User Experience. In plain English, this means how someone uses your website. A UX designer studies and anticipates how a typical user will interact with a site and tries to make the experience as simple and intuitive as possible.

Making a user-friendly website that effectively serves its purpose involves understanding the goals of the website, having a grasp on basic human intuition and knowing many of the proven methodologies of executing smooth digital interactions. This is the critical difference between a graphic designer and a UI/UX designer, which why you need both working on your website!

UI stands for User Interface. In this case, the user interface is what allows a user to interact with your website. Dashboards, buttons, links and forms are all common phrases that you will probably hear when discussing a user interface. It’s basically the toolset used for UX, which is why the two are usually closely paired and frequently considered synonymous.

Common tools a UI/UX designer may reach for are Figma and Adobe XD, among other visual design tools, to produce prototypes and mockups.

What’s the process of building a new website?

At M Agency, we want to see you win. That’s why we have spent years perfecting our website development process so every project starts with your goals in mind, and delivers results. Here’s how we do it:

1. Strategy

Real talk: Anyone can build a website these days. But if you want an online presence that supports your business goals, and can anchor all your digital marketing efforts (like PPC and SEO), you need to start with a strategy.

We get to know you, your business and your goals. We audit your current website and see what’s working and what’s not. Then we present you with a strategy for how we will build you a new website that helps you get the results you’re looking for.

2. Design and content

Next, our website designers go to work creating a home page that follows brain rules, offers a streamlined user experience, and delights your customers and potential customers. We infuse your homepage with your brand story and clear calls to action to build trust with your audience and make it simple to do business with you.

M is a Storybrand Certified Agency, so we use the framework of story to create content that positions the customer as the hero, you as their guide, and shows them clearly how you solve their problems and make their lives better.

Once you love your home page design and content, we start designing the interior web pages so they support telling your brand story and driving results. You are included in every step of the process, we listen to your feedback and make sure you absolutely love your website design.

3. Build

Then our web developers go to work building you a custom Wordpress website. The web development phase, also known as coding, is where we bring the web design from concept to reality! Once the site is built, we present it to you, and collaborate on any revisions. Then we launch your brand new website!

After launch, we offer hosting packages that include website maintenance so you never have to worry about updates or outages.

Our process has been proven over the years to ensure that you get what you want out of your website, and it serves you and your business for years to come!

What are some web design services offered by M Agency?

M Agency is a full-service marketing firm located in Tacoma, WA. We specialize in helping business owners, CMOs and CEOs maximize marketing budgets by rooting everything we do from a strategy that supports your goals. We offer design services, website design and web development, video, photography, branding, web solutions, hosting and more.

We work with companies of all sizes throughout Washington state. Whether you’re a small businesses in Gig Harbor, a Tacoma business that’s next door, or a Fortune 500 in Seattle we can help.

If you are looking for a partner in your marketing who truly wants you to win, give us a call. We want to hear about your goals!

Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling

Evergreen Council on Problem Gambling came to M Agency with an outdated website that had become a beast to manage. ECPG serves multiple audiences, with numerous programs and offerings. They needed a website that was easy to navigate, and could house all the information about their organization, including a member portal.

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Seaborn Pile Driving

Seaborn Pile Driving is a well-established brand in Seattle marine construction. Our strategy was to bring the elegance and dedication to craftsmanship that defines the company into its brand, website and visual assets.

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Safe Streets

When Safe Streets came to M Agency for a refresh of their brochures, we saw opportunity galore. In addition to brochures, Safe Streets needed a new website, a fleshed-out brand book, consistent visuals and key messaging, videos, and content strategy. We were thrilled to support this important local nonprofit to elevate their marketing efforts.

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