Washington Energy Services

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  • Copywriting
  • Website Design
  • Website Development

The Client

Washington Energy Services (WES) is one of Washington’s largest HVAC companies and a longtime client of M’s. We’ve supported their growth marketing, content marketing, and email marketing efforts, fostering a strong partnership. They turned to M for a comprehensive website overhaul, confident that we understood their objectives and were genuinely invested in delivering a remarkable final product.

The Problem

Last year, Washington Energy Services’ marketing manager was looking to refresh their website with a new, updated, beautiful design. With hundreds of products, services, pages, blogs, and special customized elements needed, this website was going to need the full gamut of support, strategy, and creativity. Washington Energy Services aimed to achieve a new look in line with their evolving branding while ensuring the website could function both as a shop and a service hub.

The Solution

Our strategy involved a meticulous fusion of messaging, design, and development. We worked in tandem with the Washington Energy Services marketing team to develop moodboards, and distinct elements such as a wayfinder, organize products and service pages, and integrate ecommerce features. For an improved user experience, we strategically restructured the information architecture and navigation, simplifying the process of finding services and products.

Energizing Messaging

Washington Energy Services’ goal was to convey an uplifting and informative message. As M Agency had previously collaborated with their team on content creation, including blogs and emails, transitioning to assist with website messaging was seamless. Recognizing that visitors seeking HVAC services or products value efficiency, we focused on concise yet impactful language that effortlessly guided each of their target audiences to their desired destinations. Our collaboration with our UI/UX designer ensured a harmonious fusion of information and design, effectively showcasing their HVAC company’s 60+ year legacy, expertise, values, and customer-centric approach.

Cohesive UI/UX Design

Rethinking the information architecture and navigation was the biggest user experience objective for the site. Making such a large amount of services and products digestible and easy to find was no easy feat. Washington Energy Services had two types of products – physical products and services. What complicated it further was that products and services could also be purchased, but many had to be directed to free estimates. There were four main types:

  1. Product you can buy
  2. Product you can’t buy
  3. Service you can buy
  4. Service you can’t buy

It was essential to ensure the user understood if something was a product or service, which we accomplished through imagery and other visual cues.

Because Washington Energy Services did not have the most cohesive brand on the old site, we had to brainstorm how we were going to improve design elements on the new site using the same brand foundation. This included pulling in the shape of their logo, utilizing their existing brand colors in thoughtful ways that can be used as a tool to aid user experience, and making everything consistent – from small elements like corner radiuses to bigger challenges like type sizing.

The most obvious challenge was the lack of brand elements to work with, forcing us to create new ways to display their brand without overreaching or leaving it too plain. This led to the “Notch” seen across the site, which is used as a section divider but also adds more visual interest to the images.

Additionally, we needed to ensure that our new designs and information architecture solved the initial problems their old website was experiencing.

These problems included:

  • Lack of consistency

We improved to have consistent type hierarchy, color usage, spacing, and even tone of voice.

  • Color use that wasn’t consistent nor WCAG compliant

We made sure colors were used with purpose and as a tool to help guide users. We also had to balance this with visual interest and ensure things were easily read and WCAG compliant. This was especially important as the client’s audience included older homeowners.

In addition to the basic site improvements, we were able to flex our muscles a little bit with some exciting features such as the zip code service area finder, the home “hotspot” navigation section (on the homepage), and the custom global navigation panel that allows users to navigate the plethora of pages easily and quickly.

Functional Web Development

Handling a substantial eCommerce site migration was a significant undertaking. The challenge was to replicate the existing setup while enhancing the backend functionality. We streamlined the backend user experience while ensuring seamless data migration between sites.

One key challenge was unifying two variations of products (purchasable and estimated) that were originally split into different post types. We successfully accomplished this by introducing appropriate fields.

Despite considering alternative eCommerce plugins, we adhered to WordPress, specifically WooCommerce.This decision simplified the migration of prices, variations, attributes, orders, and customer data.

To meet the client’s requirements, we added a zip code-checking feature to determine if users were within the service areas, providing a seamless user experience. Additionally, we enabled the client to manage the site with ease, incorporating an advanced user interface for content editing that offers extensive layout and style options.

The Conclusion

The collaboration between M Agency and Washington Energy Services resulted in a visually stunning, highly functional website that meets the needs of a diverse audience. Our efforts improved consistency, accessibility, and user engagement, while adding customization and empowering the client to manage their site effectively.

This project showcases the remarkable synergy of strategy, design, and development in creating a digital masterpiece for a valued client.