Sanity Skin Products

A high-quality brand experience to match a luxury skincare product


Sanity Skin Products




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  • Brand Strategy
  • Packaging Design
  • Photography
  • Web Design

The Client

Sanity Skin Products, a luxury skincare company, partnered with M to create a brand experience that matched the quality and performance of their products.

The Problem

Sanity had a high-performing 3-step body skincare line but needed to update their branding, packaging, or a web presence to market the products to high end consumers and retailers.

The Goal

A beautiful, luxury brand experience at every touchpoint, from initial brand recognition to e-commerce purchase to the tactile experience of opening and using the products.


The first step in this project, a rebrand, would lay the groundwork for everything else that followed. We created a logo, mark, color scheme, and messaging that would be foundational to the rest of our work.

Every body deserves to glow.

Sanity’s messaging centers on finding confidence in your natural, aging skin through high-performing, gentle body skincare products. Their focus is on inclusive luxury and a mindful approach.

The earthen tones in their color scheme represent the all-natural ingredients, while the Champagne Gold accent color and the clean, curving lines of the logo design represent the luxury experience you’ll enjoy with Sanity’s high-quality products.

Package Design

The client wanted product packaging so beautiful that a customer would want to leave it out on the bathroom counter. We couldn’t agree more, but we also knew aesthetics without a story wouldn’t deliver. Our formula for success was to blend gorgeous design with transparent communication, and our design team made it happen.

To ensure packaging that merges aesthetics and storytelling, we designed two sets of icons. The first set shows which step in the Sanity Skincare routine each product is intended for. With different offerings based on skin type and goals, we wanted to easily communicate how and when to use each product for the best results.

The second set showcases key facts that set the product apart from other brands: vegan, cruelty-free, gluten-free, eco-friendly, gentle, clean, and all-natural. Across both sets of icons, clean lines and curves were used to create a minimalist look that perfectly pairs with Sanity’s logo and mark.

To help customers avoid misuse, we utilized two brand colors for bottles of similar products, making the Nighttime Body Cream bottle the brand’s darker grey color and the Daytime Body Lotion bottle its lighter cream color.

Throughout the whole process, our team closely collaborated with their suppliers to support Sanity Skin Products as they navigated the fluid production timelines, ensuring everything went smoothly and was perfectly designed to specs.


With an e-commerce platform in the works, we knew it would be crucial to have photos that clearly displayed what the customer could expect to receive, while also representing the luxury experience that the high-end products and quality ingredients provide.

For photography that matched all other aesthetic aspects of the brand, we worked with our client to find a bright location with minimalist, open bathroom and bedroom spaces for our photoshoot. We used this space to gather product images, lifestyle images, and video clips that could be used on our website design and in future social media and email marketing campaigns.

Website Design

We combined all the design components to create that same aesthetic and educational experience you’ll find on their packaging, in an even more interactive online platform. Through Shopify, we designed a beautiful website with modern, minimalist navigation that’s a resource for everything a conscious skincare customer would want to know, including:

  • Reviews are paired with customers’ skin type, age, and products used so readers can get a better sense of what products will be most helpful to their unique needs.
  • Transparent ingredient lists separated by product include details on the natural source, what they do for your skin, and their EWG (Environmental Working Group) rating.
  • Skincare routine diagrams help customers understand what order of use products should go in for best results.
  • Curated product sets focused on different needs, plus the option to build your own set and pick from Step 1, 2, and 3 products that work best for you.

While the website was in production, we created a landing page so Sanity could begin collecting emails for the big marketing push after launch!


The finished product is a truly glowing brand experience. Sanity Skin Product’s brand imagery and messaging tell the company’s story of inclusive luxury products. The website offers an attractive, modern shopping platform that sets the product apart, and the packaging creates a memorable tactile experience that customers will enjoy day to day.

It’s a project we’re proud to have worked on and a product we’d be pleased to leave perched on our bathroom sinks.