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Results-driven marketing starts with comprehensive research and strategy that moves your business forward. Your company needs to meet its goals, which means your marketing efforts need to drive and convert traffic.

We put our decades of experience solving marketing and communication challenges to work for you, resulting in measurable growth and a serious competitive edge.

Marketing Strategy

Getting your message across and converting your audience into loyal customers is becoming more complex, especially with increasing digital and cross-channel marketing strategies leveling the playing field for competitors. Simply checking off a list of tasks or going off a template won’t work. You need a comprehensive approach customized to meet your unique business goals and see sustainable growth.

At M, our seasoned creatives dive deep into research, data, and story-focused messaging to plan, build and maintain your marketing campaigns.

M’s Marketing Strategy includes:

  • Market Research
  • Audience Research
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Customer Personas
  • Moodboards and Visual Concepts

Marketing Campaigns

There isn’t just one way to launch a marketing campaign, but there is a better way. With so many moving pieces, it takes a strong marketing plan, expertise, creativity, and developmental skill to get a campaign going, much less knock it out of the park.

For small to large-scale multi-channel marketing campaigns, we help you grow your audience and increase engagement by delivering powerful messaging targeting the right people, on the right channels, at the right time. Not only will this address your marketing needs, but it will also increase your conversion rates and take your business to the next level.

As a full-service agency, we have the range and talent to launch any size campaign – be it email, print ads, or TV and radio. And once we do, we continue to test and optimize to ensure it’s getting you results.

Digital Marketing

When marketing started to shift from traditional to digital, it left everything up in the air. Business owners and marketers were left scrambling to adapt – and many still are. In times where our culture is dominated by instant gratification, the expectations of the end-user are rapidly changing in response – and some might say conditioning – to a digital world.

Enter, digital marketing. To meet people where they are and capture their attention, marketing had to move to the now highly competitive digital landscape.

M’s digital marketing services are approached with a holistic lens. Like everything else we touch, it starts with strategy tailored to improve your ROI, outsmart the competition and tell your brand’s story. We aim to be intentional in a space where meaningful connection is essential.

Content Marketing

It’s true, content is king. You could have all the right tactics, media, and design in the world and it still won’t matter if your content isn’t memorable. Doesn’t perform. Engages no one. However, the complete opposite can happen – you have no tactics, no media, and no design, but your content completely hits the mark and resonates with your audience.

Now, imagine if you had strategy, media, and engaging content – what would that mean for your company’s bottom line? What would that mean for the impact you seek to make?

At M, our content focuses on harnessing the power of results-driven copywriting and story-rooted messaging across all touchpoints. We strategize a plan to create the types of content research has shown us will deliver the best results for your company. Whether that’s SEO blogs, social media, or paid ads we put out the content that matters to your audience to earn their trust, business, and loyalty.

Email Marketing

Many have challenged the efficiency and longevity of email marketing. After years of proving it’s a heavyweight in sales conversions and customer engagement, it’s safe to say, for now, that email marketing is here to stay. No matter your goals, being able to send personalized emails en mass to leads is a powerful tool for building and nurturing a relationship with your target audience.

At M, our team of graphic designers, copywriters, and developers work in unison to strategically build responsive email templates, campaigns, and newsletters that fit your company’s goals. We can A/B test your emails, track data, and automate your emails to run like clockwork.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an essential tool if your company is looking for long-term growth, higher ranking, and to get more eyes (and clicks) on your services or product offerings. When you’re ready to scale your business with search engine optimization, you shouldn’t feel like you’re taking a gamble or being boxed into a monthly retainer without clear communication on results and expectations.

Our team of results-driven and analytical SEO specialists have a track record for delivering positive returns, optimizing websites, and maximizing SEO across many verticals. We outline everything for you and stay in clear communication, so you never feel out of the loop.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Unlike SEO, which uses organic methods to appear in search results, search engine marketing (SEM) uses paid methods or a combination of both paid and organic. Pay-per-click is a strategy to gain more visibility on search engines like Google and Bing and, when done properly, can bring in more traffic resulting in higher conversions.

While M generally uses SEO and SEM as part of a larger digital strategy to drive growth, if your company is looking for quicker results for a product sale or kickstarting a slow month, pay-per-click is likely your best option.

Social Media Marketing

It’s important to extend your story from your brand to your social media. But, what do you say? How do you say it? Are hashtags in or out, and how do you know which social platform is right for you? Creating content for and managing social media is a hassle for many businesses, but if there’s anything in online marketing to keep a constant pulse on, its social media. Still, with how fast platforms implement new integrations, it can be tricky to create the right content and visuals to engage your audience.

We don’t follow the likes or trends that don’t make sense for your business. Whether you need a way to have a consistent online presence or you’re looking to engage and build your following – we have the creative solutions to keep your brand alive and kicking on social media. We have experience creating social media campaigns for a wide range of industries including construction, dentistry, chiropractic, public health, education, and many more.


What is a marketing strategy?

When the term “marketing” has become so convoluted, it’s difficult to know what marketing really is and what it’s supposed to do for your business. Marketing is a story. Sure, it’s the sum of deliberative actions your company takes to drive conversions and connect with current and potential customers. More than that, it’s an extension of your brand story through as many intentional touchpoints that makes sense for your business goals.

The job of a marketing company is to create intentional content that drives action for every touchpoint. So when it comes to defining a marketing strategy, we start with the end in mind – who’s interacting with it and what action we want them to take. Everything we create from there, be it an email marketing campaign or multi-channel marketing campaign, is informed by the strategy to keep communication consistent and maximize results.

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