March 2, 2017

M Agency President Bobbie Bailey: What is my M?

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M Agency CEO/President Bobbie Bailey

What is my M? My M is … CREATING MAGNETISM. In science, magnetism refers to the physical phenomena between magnetic fields and matter. However, in my world, magnetism is how I connect with my tribe—people who wholeheartedly live and breathe authentic marketing. Whether it’s with clients, employees or new acquaintances, magnetism is the way I attract and surround myself with positive and vibrant people.

It goes without saying that marketing is an incredibly powerful tool. We are bombarded by thousands of marketing messages each day, many of which work to manipulate our subconscious. I want to help facilitate a new humanitarian shift in marketing, creating a new standard for authenticity and transparency.

M Agency CEO/President Bobbie Bailey

Explain my background — how did I get into marketing? 

I originally went to school for computer science. While I could code and develop a website, I quickly realized that this side of technology didn’t align with me. As my brain type loves digital media and tech, I wanted to work with people in a greater capacity. I built my career as a marketing consultant. After spending several years working at one of the largest marketing companies of its time, managing six-figure marketing budgets for small to midsize companies, I saw a dramatic turning point in the marketing landscape and many organizations were struggling because of it.

Around 2008, businesses began integrating from traditional marketing into digital marketing. As a result, many business owners didn’t know how to properly manage their marketing budget. Whereas before they were dealing with primarily one vendor, they were now having to work with potentially 30+ vendors. I created Marketing Puget Sound (rebranded into M Agency in January 2016) as a way to support authentic organizations in the community.

How do I balance being the CEO/President of a business and a mom of two little ones?

I always strive to create healthy environments for both my family and my business, which means delegating certain areas of my life where I need help. After all, it’s not so much about balance as it is about immersion. When I’m in the office, I’m fully engaged—mind, body and spirit—with my work, clients and employees. And when I walk out of the doors, I’m home with my family and cherishing my time.

What am I most looking forward to in 2017, both professionally and in my personal life? 

I’m excited to continue growing M Agency through nurturing my employees and building our dedicated client list. I get the opportunity to work with some of the most inspiring leaders and organizations in the community, and I hope that continues throughout 2017 and beyond.

Outside of work, I’m looking forward to taking on new challenges in my constant pursuit for personal growth. I’m preparing to do a stair climb at the Columbia Tower, a Spartan Race and Pilates—an exciting new fitness adventure. Most importantly, I’m just excited to watch my children blossom this year. It is my life’s greatest pleasure to see Ayden and Parker grow up as human beings, with their own unique personalities, characteristics and desires. Who knows? Maybe one day, they’ll be inspired to come work here with me at M. I would love to share my passion for marketing with my kids as they get older.