Nonprofit: Creative Production & Growth Marketing

Nonprofit: Creative Production & Growth Marketing

Strategize Now

Our Strategy

We have worked with Hilltop Artists on a variety of marketing over the years, including custom photography, video, promotional materials, and event planning and management. Perhaps most notable was the creation of the Hilltop Artists Day Event, which has now become an annual fundraising event. For the inaugural event in 2017, we garnered the support of Dale and Leslie Chihuly to hand out more than 30 thousand tickets, inviting all of Tacoma’s youth to participate at no charge.

The Goal

To support Hilltop Artists by creating marketing campaigns and events to showcase  and increase their impact in the community.

Services Provided

Creative Direction / Graphic Design / Print Production / Event Collateral / Event Signage / Environmental Design / Creative Writing / Event Planning / Event Production / Photography / Videography