January 3, 2017

Happy New Year 2017: A Message from Bobbie’s Desk

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M Agency team members wishes Happy New Year

M Agency team members wishes Happy New Year

As we enter a new year, M Agency has more excitement than ever. Regardless of the challenging conditions of the constantly changing marketing world, we have a renewed sense of energy and momentum coming into 2017! Although the economy is still growing slowly, many of our clients are seeing growth and making strides forward with their business goals!

Over the past few years, our focus has been creating a brand that attracts businesses that are interested in authentic messaging and marketing strategies, along with creating strong relationships with their marketing team and we are very grateful for this alignment. In 2016, introducing M Agency as our new brand was one of the best successes I have experienced with my team. Although it was filled with lessons and lots of work, it was worth every minute and dollar spent on the brand. Why does this matter to you, your business, and our community you might ask?

Each team member at M Agency brings their own unique “M” or purpose to the table. My team and I have worked endlessly creating our M’s and intentionally centering our professional lives around these commitments.

For 2017, we are creating M-Pods or customized teams designed around your needs and goals. Our M-Pods allow us to better support and add value to your business. From local family-owned businesses to large Northwest corporations, we are inspired to work with clients who have the same desire for growth and tenacity to take on challenges.

From all of us at M Agency, we hope you have an amazing start to 2017.

With appreciation,

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