July 4, 2024

Transforming Workplaces: The Intersection of Culture and Creativity

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La'Kita Williams

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Culture is more than just a buzzword; it’s a competitive value proposition that can catalyze innovation and creativity and transform employees’ lives. How can you create a culture that rewards employees for their work while championing your values?

Join Bobbie Bailey in the latest Matters of Creative episode as she hosts La’Kita Williams, the Founder of CoCreate Work, to talk about developing meaningful organizational cultures. La’Kita addresses the essential growth mindset for leaders, the power of understanding your leadership style, and the exciting future of work cultures that prioritize well-being and flexibility.

With a passion for helping people reach their utmost potential, culture connoisseur La’Kita Williams has identified five components of culture that can boost an organization’s performance. These include a shared purpose and values, proprietary systems and processes, workplace autonomy, and success measurements. By supporting leadership growth and development, aligning with employee work trends and needs, and implementing a culture-oriented hiring process, organizations can embody these components and foster widespread impact.

Tune in for more insights on organizational culture and leadership.

About our Guest:

La'Kita WilliamsLa’Kita Williams is the Founder of CoCreate Work, a consulting and leadership development company. She has over 18 years of experience in corporate sales, training, talent management, and organizational development. As a certified professional coach and trained masters-level social worker, La’Kita works with small businesses, founders, and CEOs to plan and design company culture, lead change, and enhance team experiences. She has also been featured and quoted in Harvard Business Review and The New York Times. 


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  • [2:30] La’Kita Williams talks about her purpose to help others transform their lives
  • [4:45] The intersection of social work and organizational culture
  • [7:00] What are the five components of culture?
  • [9:40] Case studies of companies aligning their values with their culture
  • [12:58] Strategies for engaging employees in the process of cultural development
  • [16:23] How improving company culture directly enhances the customer experience
  • [25:30] Staying ahead in the market with compelling employee benefits



  • “Organizational culture is not just something that’s nice to have; it’s your competitive advantage.”
  • “Transformation in the workplace starts with transformation in ourselves — personal growth precedes cultural change.”
  • “Employees don’t just show up to work and go home; what happens in between matters immensely to both company culture and customer satisfaction.”
  • “Culture work is never done; it’s about continuous improvement and evolving with changing trends and needs.”
  • “When we create a great employee experience, we inevitably set the stage for excellent customer service.”

Action Steps

  1. Conduct a simple workplace culture assessment using a retrospective approach: This opens dialogue and uncovers employees’ true feelings about their work environment, prompting targeted improvements.
  2. Create a shared purpose that aligns organizational goals with individual employee purposes: This increases employee motivation and engagement by connecting their personal objectives to the company’s mission.
  3. Activate company values through working agreements that guide interactions and decisions: This ensures that company values are more than just words on a page but living principles that drive the organization forward.
  4. Implement inclusive systems for performance management and employee development: This fosters an equitable work culture that supports all employees, boosting satisfaction and retention.
  5. Update and communicate employee benefits regularly, including trends like work flexibility and well-being initiatives: This ensures you stay competitive in attracting talent and meeting the evolving needs and expectations of the workforce.


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