A leading county makes its DEI priorities known

Pierce County’s Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Annual Report


Pierce County




3 Months


  • Brand Strategy
  • Visual Identity
  • Brand Story

The Client

Nearly three years ago, Pierce County leadership approached M Agency with a crucial mission. The county had dedicated the past year to focusing on diversity, equity, and inclusion internally and was making great strides in a very short time.

To continue holding themselves accountable to this mission and inspire others to join in, they required a transparent and visually engaging means of sharing their progress both internally and with the community.

The Problem

Pierce County had implemented plans to increase representation, accessibility, and inclusivity, and their efforts were yielding remarkable results and support. However, they needed an effective report to build awareness of their initiatives, showcase their progress, and outline future plans.

They needed a compelling approach to demonstrate their progress visually and through storytelling. As M entered its third year of producing the DEI report, creating a fresh and distinct document from previous years was crucial.

The Solution

At this point, Pierce County’s initiatives had expanded beyond internal efforts, encompassing the entire community with various programs and job opportunities. It was vital to tell this evolving story, highlighting their successes and areas of improvement within its many departments.


M worked closely with the Director of Communications and various department leads in Pierce County to distinguish this report from the others. Unlike in past years, we focused more on their programs and did a Q&A style for the personal stories.

We changed the design, added new elements and colors, and focused on showing the data — numbers tell a story, too, and Pierce County’s were phenomenal.


Pierce County stands as a true leader in DEI initiatives, not only within Washington State but across the country. For instance, their Small Business Accelerator program has garnered recognition and awards and even inspired other counties due to its innovative approach to improving the local small business economy.

In crafting the report, we led a comprehensive process that included interviewing program leads, department leaders, and underrepresented employees. Through these interviews, we identified key themes encompassing this stage of Pierce County’s DEI journey: REPRESENTATION, INCLUSION, and PROGRAM EXPANSION.

Drawing inspiration from these concepts, we integrated them into the narratives shared by each individual we interviewed.

Pierce County also had the stats to back up their efforts. So we weaved these stats in to highlight the impact of the programs and the progress they’ve made. This allowed us to effectively capture the essence of Pierce County’s journey toward diversity, equity, and inclusion.


Our design approach focused on intentionally constructing a framework that effectively narrated the unfolding story. Custom photos, gathered images, and staying true to Pierce County’s brand by incorporating its signature blue color were crucial aspects of the design. We aimed for a clean and visually appealing layout, ensuring that the images and copy harmoniously conveyed the story of Pierce County’s DEI initiatives.


Adding custom images really enhanced the personal connection to each story. By capturing real moments and depicting the actual faces behind the DEI initiatives, we were able to convey the genuine impact of these efforts. Custom photography added depth and authenticity, enhancing the overall storytelling experience.


By collaborating closely with Pierce County’s Director of Communications, M successfully crafted an engaging and impactful DEI report. Through a fresh design, compelling storytelling, and the effective use of data, the report showcases Pierce County’s journey toward greater diversity, equity, and inclusion.

The report has played a small yet crucial role in sustaining their commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, serving as a catalyst for ongoing efforts and inspiring others in their pursuit of meaningful change.