Ride Together Pierce | Phase 2: Awareness Campaign

A rebrand launch to connect the Pierce County community with local, sustainable transportation options


Ride Together Pierce




Public Transportation


  • Digital Ads
  • Events
  • Social Media
  • Toolkit

The Client

Ride Together Pierce (RTP) is a centralized hub connecting the Pierce County community with sustainable travel education, tools, and resources.

This cooperative, founded by Pierce County, is on a mission to connect residents with new money-saving and planet-friendly modes of transportation.

The Problem

With a newly designed website (see Phase 1 for website redesign), RTP was ready to reintroduce their brand to the community and get their online resources in the hands of residents looking for local, sustainable transportation options.

The Goal

A rebrand launch that would connect Ride Together Pierce with the community it serves.

Digital Ads

We created four digital ad campaigns to connect with different audiences and get the community involved in and excited about sustainable transportation.

Employers: The intention behind this campaign was to educate local employers about the benefits of partnering with Ride Together Pierce to encourage employees to utilize alternative transportation options.

Walking: This campaign included a walk-to-work challenge where individuals who walked to work during the month could enter to win prizes!

Biking: For the biking campaign, we connected with a local bike shop to do a bike giveaway.

Each campaign included both display and native ads. Display ads are used for engagement and brand recognition during the target audience’s online browsing. Native ads are created for more subtle promotion, as they blend into the webpage that hosts them more seamlessly. We used display ads to engage and native ads to authentically share the brand message with the audience.

The Results:

The digital ad campaigns surpassed the RTP team’s expectations!

Our display ads had 1,151,235 total impressions and an average click-thru rate of .07%. Our native ads had 1,151,500 total impressions and an average click-thru rate of .19%.

Social Media

Using the new photographs and copy, we crafted engaging, resourceful social media content to launch the new brand on Facebook and Instagram. We also made post and story templates on Canva that correlated with a social media calendar so the RTP team could easily continue producing quality, educational content consistent with the rest of their brand.

When we passed the templates and calendar off to the team, we included a video tutorial that could be shared with all current and future team members to share best practices and tips for using these tools.


We wanted to get the Ride Together Pierce team out into the community making connections through live events. We found farmer’s markets, and similar events where RTP could hold a booth, and got to work making the party happen.

We managed event budgets, coordinated photobooths with branded picture borders to provide a memorable and fun experience, and created all the marketing materials needed for them to have an engaging, exciting booth.


Our copywriter wrote a compelling press release to share the rebrand and the story of sustainable transportation in Pierce County with the community. To make it easy for folks to spread the word, we created informational blog posts, blurbs, and social media posts which we also linked within the press release.


The rebrand campaign for Ride Together Pierce was an all-around success! The ad campaign surpassed benchmarks and got the community engaged with RTP’s invaluable resources!

PHASE 1: Website Before we launched the RTP rebrand campaign, we created a one-stop-shop for all things sustainable transportation in Pierce County. Click here to read Phase 1.