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Sound Family Medicine




3 Months


Health & Wellness


  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • Videography
  • Website Design
  • Marketing Campaign

The Client

Sound Family Medicine, a physician-owned family medicine practice, partnered with M Agency to elevate their marketing efforts and reach specific target markets. With four unique projects in motion, we delivered tailored strategies and creative assets that aligned with the Sound Family Medicine brand while effectively reaching each target market.

The Problem

Sound Family Medicine serves a diverse range of audiences and needed marketing that reflected their brand while also resonating with specific target markets.

The Solution

M worked closely with Sound Family Medicine to understand each target market and develop tailored strategies and creative assets that supported the goals of each campaign. By analyzing research on each target market, we differentiated messaging and visuals to effectively reach each audience.


With four very different projects moving simultaneously, we had to be intentional and strategic with each campaign so they stood apart and accomplished their individual goals. But while each needed to have its individual look and feel, they also needed to align with the overarching Sound Family Medicine brand. To do this, we analyzed research on each campaign’s target markets and differentiated the messaging and visuals based on the findings. We used the audience insights to further develop market strategy and creative production.

Women's Health Landing Page

Web Design | Web Development | Content | Graphic Design

Our goal was to grow leads for the women’s healthcare department. We developed two videos with 30, 60, and 90-second clips and then a landing page to drive women looking for maternity care. We wanted the videos to represent women in all stages of their maternity journey. The videos focused on relating to women looking to start a family by identifying their core concerns and challenges before directing them to the landing page for more information and ultimately to establish care at Sound Family Medicine.

Senior Clinic Campaign

Video | Commercial | Mailing Campaign | Social Media | PR | Media Buying

The senior clinic was a new kind of clinic opening just for seniors. It was a massive need in the local community to have a one-stop-shop clinic where seniors could get more time with their doctor and have all of their exams, testing, and lab work done in one place. All this innovative clinic needed was some seniors! To get the word out, we helped Sound Family Medicine build creative for their go-to-market strategy and execute a highly targeted multi-channel campaign.

Hiring Campaign

Video | Creative Direction

Sound Family Medicine wanted potential candidates to see that they had a fun, safe, and caring environment for patients AND employees. The goal was to take footage Sound Family Medicine already had internally to make a 30, 60, and 90-second video without using voiceover. The video highlighted the core values that made their practice stand apart from others: they’re caring, impactful, friendly, empathetic, dedicated, professional, and of course, FUN. We created a storyboard, managed asset management, edited the videos, and added video graphics/animation.


Through these campaigns, we increased leads and patient engagement for the women’s healthcare department, established a growing client base for the senior clinic, and attracted new hires to Sound Family Medicine’s team. Our approach of humanizing the brand and making it relatable for the individual target markets has been successful in reaching each respective audience and achieving the goals set out by Sound Family Medicine.