April 24, 2018

M Agency’s Three-Step Process: Creative Crafting | Part Two

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Everything we do at M Agency is rooted by one thing: Meaningful Marketing. Meaningful Marketing cultivates emotional connection by rooting all efforts from your organization’s true purpose—or your M as we prefer to call it. In order to uncover your M and effectively support your marketing goals, we follow a unique three-step process.

Following Relevant Research, Creative Crafting is the second step of our process that we apply to all projects. After we fully understand our client’s why or their M as we prefer to call it, we move into brainstorming and concepting to kick off the creative phase of the project.

Leah Kaufmann typing on computer

What is Creative Crafting?

Creative Crafting is our process of gaining understanding, developing ideas and honing them into the concepts that most effectively accomplish the client and project goals. We believe that excellent creative work requires purpose to be compelling, so we start there. Then, creativity comes in. It’s all about getting curious, asking questions and testing and adjusting.

How does M Agency Apply Creative Crafting?

The best creative work comes from the collective effort of individuals striving for a common goal. Creative Crafting begins with connecting to the project needs that we uncovered during Relevant Research. The process of generating ideas begins in our initial kickoff meeting, when all of the team members come together to review the client and project for the first time. Together, M POD members unpack the strategy and begin brainstorming.

The brainstorming process is collaborative and iterative. M POD members review ideas with one another, and the Creative Director guides the team to push forward on the standout concepts. Following brainstorming, the pen hits paper as our ideas are brought to life.

The next phase is to build out and refine each concept, honing the creative until it’s ready to be measured up against the initial strategy. This phase of creative determines which concept will be most appropriate for the goals and audience outlined initially. Further refinement of the creative may be necessary at this phase.

The next step is to present the creative to the client. Typically, M POD members narrow down all creative concepts to one that we feel is most effective with ROI in mind. Our process is a truly effective solution that requires minimal revisions.

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