April 4, 2018

M Agency’s Three-Step Process: Relevant Research | Part One

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M Agency's Angela Nguyen typing on computer

Here at M Agency, we often get the question: What is your process? How do we intentionally start our projects for the desired outcome? To simply put: emotions drive purchasing decisions. Research shows that consumers base a majority of their decisions off of how the brand makes them feel. By connecting your audience to the purpose that drives your work, M Agency’s work ensures that your brand and marketing strategy is effective.

As a creative team, we are passionate storytellers. Our goal is to help our clients shine their light in the world. We do this by creating meaningful marketing—marketing that cultivates emotional connection by rooting all efforts from your organization’s true purpose—or your M as we prefer to call it. In order to uncover your M, we follow a unique three-step process.

M Agency's Angela Nguyen typing on computer

Our three-step process includes: Relevant Research, Creative Crafting and Excellent Execution. But what do these steps entail? We’re going to break this out in a three-part blog series so that you can know what to expect when working with M Agency, starting with Relevant Research.

What is Relevant Research?

Once you have become a client at M Agency, we want to get to know all about YOU. During our initial on-boarding, we will get to know your business and your team, from the inside and out. We will ask questions that include the following topics:

  • Your current brand
  • Your vision and goals
  • Your target audience
  • Your competitors

Through this interview process, we will be able work together to truly identify the passion behind your business. Marketing is a team effort, and our team will dedicate ourselves to further our knowledge of your industry in order to best support you.

How Does M Agency Apply It?

We want to best guide our marketing strategy for your business. With extensive research, market analysis, analytics, as well as the combined experience of our team, we will be able to do just that. From there, we can designate the ideal team members for your project. This is known as an M Pod.

An M Pod is your business’ marketing department. M Pod members consist of a combination of Creative, Digital and Content Producers, all customized to fit your project’s needs. During Relevant Research process, we are able to build the foundation and chemistry for a successful outcome.

Wherever you are at your marketing, we will look at your goals and develop a plan based on your return on investment. Creating intentional marketing that is meaningful to your business goals and your bottom line is what we do best.

Schedule a Chat with our M Agency Team

Now that we’re settled into our new space, we invite you to come down and talk with us about how M can best support your business. Let’s take your website, or brand to the next level together. With an extensive arsenal of creatives, we will be just as passionate about your work as you are. We can ensure that our skilled marketing team will be equally passionate about your work as you are.

No business is too small or too big. M Agency has worked with all types of local and national organizations and businesses. Feel free to contact us with any questions about our marketing services or our process. We look forward to working with you!