January 31, 2023

How to Launch a New Brand Successfully on the First Try

Strategize Now

If you’re reading this, you’re likely a hard-working business owner. Maybe you’ve struggled several times to launch a brand and you’re looking for some new, actionable advice. Or maybe you’re brand new to branding. Either way, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re M Agency, and we’d like to put some extra tools in your toolbelt.

Pre-launch To-Do’s

Have you identified your target audience? Know your brand identity? What’s your vision and purpose? Read on to help you identify your answers.

Target Audience

It’s important to know who you’re marketing to and what drives their behavior. Do some research. At M, we develop “character profiles,” informed by audience research. This helps us identify our clients’ customers, what they want, and how our services will produce a desired outcome for our client. When it comes to communicating with your target audience, you must continually test and adjust to be sure that your messaging is “landing.”

Brand Identity

Too many businesses use an outdated font, and they use it for everything. Be sure to use fonts and graphics that look current and relatable. Not interested in graphic design? Our designers love it, so why not hire us to take it off your plate?

Your branding image should be consistent. Your logo, fonts, colors and messaging should all tell the same story: that you can solve a problem for your customer. Make this message front-and-center in your brand identity, and you’ll be steps ahead of the competition.

Vision and Purpose

What got you into business in the first place? Your “why” is what gets you out of bed. If you don’t know your company’s why, your plan is not likely to be as effective as it could be. Study up on some of the biggest brands you can think of—most of them know their purpose and communicate it clearly.

Advertise Your Launch

If nobody knows about your brand, all your planning will fall flat. So how do you advertise when you’re starting out?

Email Lists

Email is not only affordable, it’s the undisputed winner in marketing ROI. Perform a Google search on email marketing statistics, and you’ll see what we mean. Be careful, though: Frequent blasts, poorly edited copy, and lackluster subject lines can tank efficacy.

Social Media

Today, you must have a social media presence—it’s a non-negotiable. You can post for free, or spend thousands on campaign promotions, but always tailor your content to the platform and the type of posts your audience is more likely to engage with.
In addition to social media, you’ll need a website. Have a look at your competitors’ websites to see how yours stacks up. If it needs some work, try Squarespace for beautiful, compelling sites you can design yourself. Squarespace even has excellent online store options that will make your customers’ shopping a breeze.

By the way, did you know that M Agency can handle any or all of these services for you? Taking work off your plate is just one of the many reasons to hire a marketing agency.

Soft Launch, Then Hard Launch

Broadway theaters conduct preview shows before officially opening, changing songs and dances sometimes nightly. The NFL has a training camp prior to the start of the season to get the players in shape and to practice strategy. Shouldn’t businesses do the same?

Do a soft brand launch either internally or for a small number of customers to iron things out before the big launch. Does all your marketing collateral contain the same graphics and logos? Create a brand style guide—like the ones we make for our clients—that governs brand identity, purpose, voice, and more. Once you’ve worked out all these items, you’ll be much more confident that your official brand launch will succeed.

What If My Brand Launch Fails?

Business owners, like writers or artists, can feel insecure sometimes and that’s OK. In fact, it’s normal. Take action on what you’ve read here, and you’ll have a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Failure is a part of life and business, but you can maximize your chances for success: Focus on your customer and your brand identity, and communicate a clear message about how you solve your customer’s problem.

Launching a Brand with M Agency

Whether you choose to launch your brand on your own or with M’s help, we wish you the greatest success. We can help you launch your brand with deep-level planning and strategizing. Feel free to call us at (253) 503-1227, or simply click here.