Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel

Full rebrand and brand positioning, marketing strategy and content marketing, print design, website design & development, custom photography and videography.


One of the partners of Messina Bulzomi Christensen Law was leaving the practice, which meant that the firm needed a new name, logo & brand. Our assignment: create & launch a new brand on a fairly tight deadline. Notify existing clients & contacts of the change in staff & brand, while attracting higher quality conversions.


Extensive audit of existing marketing strategies including intimate staff interviews to develop the new brand’s look, feel & voice. When the new name, logo and brand had been established, we quickly moved the brand forward on all platforms (digital & print). This included company stationary, brochures, mailers, a new responsive website, email broadcasts, press releases, internet yellow pages, and branding their social media channels.

  • Increased average website traffic by 82%
  • Increased new visitors by 64%
  • Increased average page views by 210%
  • Decreased website’s bounce rate by 29%


Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel