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Of all the components of User Experience, interface design is the one you really see every day.

Like, every moment of every day. It’s the last step in the user experience process because all the supporting work has to get done first, all leading up to the part the world will see: design! Let’s dive in.

What’s Interface Design?

It’s a fancy way of saying how the user interacts with a device or product. Interface design considers the look, feel and interactivity of the product. For our purposes, we will discuss how it applies to web design, but interface design applies to online applications and portals as well that you’re likely familiar with. 

At M Agency, our web designers are always thinking about the end-user, and take into consideration how the website will look and feel, on all platforms. We’re always thinking about how people will arrive at the website, whether it’s through social media or digital marketing, what device they will be using and what the human interaction will look like. For successful interface design, we have to anticipate the users needs and ensure that our design elements are easy to use and help guide the user through certain actions.

What’s the difference between User Experience and User Interface?

While the two are distinct phases of the web design process, they go together like peanut butter and jelly. User experience focuses on the journey, how they interact with the product and customer support. User interface focuses on how we take a person through that journey visually, with buttons, menus, color, and typography. UI takes the principles of UX and applies the fundamental principles of design, bringing the user journey to life.

Who cares about buttons?

Everyone, actually, even if they don’t notice. The designer in charge of the Facebook Like button estimates that he spent 280 hours designing that little button. And that was just the first version of that button. The little things matter a lot when it comes to interface design because navigation is a crucial component of the user journey. 

Navigation, hierarchy, typography and color are all visual elements that make an experience for the user. Our web designers understand the human brain and how users will respond to certain colors and calls to action so they can build an interface that is easy to use and consistently brings your brand forward. Visual aspects guide ease of use, and consistency that matches the brand because that’s how we build a trusting relationship between you and your customers.

Content hierarchy also boosts search engine optimization when done correctly. At M agency, our strategists guide hierarchy to make sure the website design not only elevates user experience, but elevates your organic search presence.

User interface is a key component of user experience. At M, we create an intuitive experience that delights users, and gets them to their goal without having to think too hard. Our designers and strategists work closely on all components of interface design to ensure that your business builds a trusting relationship with your customers.

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