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A portal for a health technology company to connect people






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The Problem

Our client, a leading healthcare intelligence firm, approached us with a complex yet common issue faced by organizations operating on a remote scale – maintaining connectivity.

They were struggling with the difficulties of managing a distributed team spread out across the country. With hundreds of employees operating across different timezones, all of which used multiple information sources, there was a fragmented communication network.

The Goal

Our objective was clear – we had to come up with a solution to centralize their communication and information. By achieving this, we could help our client streamline their collaboration process and consolidate information and resources effectively.

The Solution

We built our client a digital portal that is now the starting point for every employee’s day. Utilizing a headless WordPress instance to handle content management, and React as their front end library, our client is able to handle ongoing team changes and content updates without needing ongoing professional web development support.

They fully own this platform, giving them complete control. Now, their employees across the country have a centralized point to start their day, creating a space for better connectivity and collaboration.

Project Breakdown


One of the most important features our client was looking for was a company directory which would make connections easier and foster better teamwork. When we started, there was no way for employees to easily search for their remote teammates and find key information.

Our directory allows users to not only browse or search by name, but also filter by team or job role, which makes it a breeze to find exactly who they’re looking for.


Our client’s custom glossary now serves as a quick reference guide for new and old employees alike, allowing users to look up unfamiliar company terms with ease.

Every single entry is carefully crafted by the portal managers. These definitions are not only reliable but also uniform, meaning everyone in the company gets the same consistent information. It’s like having your own personal dictionary, but specifically tailored to our client’s unique company terms.

This feature ensures that all employees have access to the same understanding of company-specific terminology, promoting clearer communication within the organization.

Team Pages

To increase engagement and collaboration within the various teams, we built a team feature for this portal that took the organization and connectivity of the platform to a whole new level.

With these custom pages, each team within the company can have its own digital space where they can come together, collaborate and stay in sync. Team leads have the permissions to manage these spaces and can tailor the page to suit their specific needs. It’s all about flexibility and making sure each team gets the most out of their virtual hub.

Additionally, teams can:

  • Highlight meaningful links
  • Add a short bio about their role
  • Post questions into a FAQ section
  • Host team-specific job openings

This feature ensures that relevant information is readily available to those who need it, and if anyone has questions, the team leads are identified so employees know who they can reach out to.

Personal Pages

The client wanted a way for employees to be able to find help and collaborate with other employees across departments. To accomplish this we developed an employee profile feature on their portal to give each employee a personal space that they can manage and control. Having this feature allows employees to showcase their unique skills and areas of expertise, which others can easily search.

To make the pages even more personal to the employee, their profiles can include a variety of details such as work contact information, birthday, start date at the company, and the city where they are based. Information about their team role and direct reports is also provided. This comprehensive profile feature creates a person-to-person connection that can be challenging to navigate virtually by giving everyone a clearer picture of who their colleagues are and what they bring to the table.


We also integrated a comprehensive FAQ section into this platform, serving as a readily available resource for all employees. This area is managed by the portal leads who can create and curate relevant questions and answers, providing clarity to their teams.

All FAQs are organized by general categories (think marketing, HR, etc.), making it easy for users to navigate and find the information they need. The questions are also fully searchable across the platform.
This ensures that clear, consistent information is easily accessible to everyone, contributing to a more informed and harmonious workplace.


Having a seamless onboarding process was crucial to the development of the portal. In close collaboration with our client, we crafted and seamlessly integrated an onboarding feature that ensures a smooth and warm welcome for all new hires joining the company.The portal integrates with the company’s Single Sign-On service, Okta, and allows all new employees to quickly and securely access the platform.

Once logged in, new employees embark on a digital onboarding journey, complete with helpful resources and informative videos, ensuring they feel equipped from day one. This feature not only streamlines the onboarding process for remote employees, but also significantly reduces the workload on the HR team.

News & Notifications

We integrated an internal-only news feature into the platform, designed to keep everyone informed about company updates and relevant news. Certain members of the platform are given the ability to create internal news items and distribute information to all employees. When company-wide content is released, it will alert all employees about the new post and know who has opened it.

Updates don’t stop there – it also supports custom notifications and alerts! Admins and specific managers have the permissions to draft and send targeted messages, whether they’re meant for specific teams or employees. This capability allows for timely and relevant communication, ensuring everyone stays in the loop and feels connected, no matter where they are located.


If you’re considering a custom digital website or portal for your own organization, we’d be delighted to discuss how our solutions can benefit you and your team. Don’t hesitate to reach out for more information and let’s explore how we can enhance your organization’s connectivity and productivity together!